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May 5, 2022
Scarlett Moffatt [internet/TV personality] said she thinks the ancient Egyptian were really humans from the future that travelled back in time because of they hieroglyphs. I thought what a load of twaddle... ...Hey she might be on to something ;)

I think perhaps that it comes and goes. Like I was wondering if people in-setting for a video game would be able to tell different clan symbols apart. The answer is that it depends on if it's important to them. If you've ever played a "guess the logo" game it's impressive at how many a person who doesn't care that much can still name.

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May 14, 2022
Does anyone else create their own lexicon within their stories. I'm currently working of a far future techno occult detective novel. Some things need names and I'm working through that. Any suggestions or resources anyone know of?
There jsut has to be a reason for their language to be the way it is other than novelty I think. Real languages are used out of a need to communicate, its not arbitrary. Slang comes from a culture that exists in or around another major language or severla languages. The culture has a need and so they use slang.

For resources I would look into languages that use to be major languages and are not anymore.

I think the big two fictional languages that became real are Tolkiens Elvish language and Klingon from Star Trek.

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