Am I certifiable mad to want to keep on writing.


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Mar 25, 2013
Wayne Mack makes the key point. Writing doesn't result in readers; marketing does. If you want readers, you probably have to go down that dark road.

As for continuing to write, if you can stop, then stop. I'm unable to,and others here have said the same. It's a compulsion. Or, if you prefer, a calling.


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Jun 29, 2014
Wearing a cowboy hat, with low slung holstered RAY GUNS, while waving a pitchfork with menace, Bowler1 returns.

Just to be clear, I'm the sanest person ever... I am, I really am.

Cowboy Hat and Ray Gun and Pitchfork ? I find absolutely nothing wrong with any of that .:)

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Apr 9, 2016
As for continuing to write, if you can stop, then stop. I'm unable to,and others here have said the same. It's a compulsion. Or, if you prefer, a calling.

And that there is the truth. For 99% of us, there's simply no reason to write fiction unless life is unbearably poorer for not doing so. So that's my answer to you Bowler. If giving it up wouldn't really change your life, maybe you're nuts. But if you're doing it because of that compulsion, party on.


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Jan 30, 2012
High Wycombe
Bowler1 returns, with his cowboy hat, RAY GUN and pitchfork, but carrying a handful of sparklers fizzing away (for safety, fireworks can dangerous (but obliviously, RAY GUNS of any sort are perfectly safe)).

Good news everyone, I've sold ONE more copy of the Many out of the blue. So it's celebration time, anyone who wants a sparkler can have one and join me in the fun. Yeah... woohooooo.

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May 14, 2022
Now most of you know me as the happy smiley character that I am with a liking of high powered RAY GUNS and useful farm tools, and clearly these mild character traits are nothing to worry about.

But what is the definition of madness? You don't have to go far, it can be found on a Google search in a matter of moments - see below.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Which brings me to writing....

I've spent an age knocking out two books that the world has failed to take notice of, but it is a busy world with lots of terrible things happening so I can understand this. However... it was still a lot of hard work for nothing and good common sense would dictate that I learn from this experience and move on to something more useful. Yet here is where the madness unfolds. I have another idea that doesn't even have RAY GUNS in, but is actual fantasy with swords of all things. It will be hard work to complete and will no doubt go un-noticed when I'm done, yet I still think this is a great idea that will lead to ever lasting fame (well, one can live in hope). If this is not the definition of madness then what is?

Accepting of course that a long term inmate is asking the lunatic asylum for their thoughts on why we're all locked up together.
Heres some advice. "The world" is not ignoring your books. Digital marketing and a whole lot of bots are large reasons for any products sucess online. Its just a rigged game and no fault on your books, whatever their quality. Learning about marketing will help you get sales.

"The world" for any given person actually is only the dozen or hundreds of people who that person meets and interacts with throughout their life. "the world" is never all of humanity for anybody. A viral video with 200 million views does not in any way mean 200 million people viewed it. Even if they did that, that number may be large but it's not "the world" matter of fact most of "the world" doesn't even use the internet or social media.

Finally. That is not the definition for insanity. There actually isn't one lol since there is no definition of sanity.

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