Lost my abilities to write and imagine...

hey Chongjasmine how are you :)

I think my second piece of advice may sound bad, first of all I often 'spark' ideas by A building on what I already have in my story like using the same vehicle for a couple action scenes, thinking alright we beat these baddies what have they got next to try and stop the heroes you know just make up anything depending on your type of story I guess more realistic stories (none fiction) this is harder but I just keep thinking of new weapons, new people ect just have a snap idea and see if you like it you can have lots of these small ideas you don't have to take them all and you can connect some to other elements you have like Character A will build this vehicle and it will be their's in the fight scene.

I often wrote in apps, in notebooks and now on Word, I have about 15+ Word Documents of my story which all have ideas, new scenes, characters ect but you can just write down (like I did with this app) 5 items you write into your story like a magical box or a type of flower or weapon, 15 characters some are friends to each-other, some are villains, do they have rivalries, what do they do, what do they look like, where they from and their strengths ect and I added like pets to them (not for my current story but for these idea characters) one had a Scorpion (all sentient) , one had a tiger that came from a Colosseum ect, just jumble any idea you like it doesn't have to match your story right away as it may just be good to keep making ideas and a light bulb may spark where you think I can use this or elements of this.

Idea 2 which is basically how I built my story is take ideas from things you know or copy to begin with them change, so I read this really cool online choose your own path book (Doomsday On Demand which has a sequel too :) ) very post apocalypse, monsters, armies ect which if anyone has checked out my messages where I mention my story will know those are the main ways I describe my story, however I don't think its bad cause although I take elements from this other book I change a lot and make it my own story, think about it action films 90% of them have fight scenes, car chases ect are they all ripping off films, no they are taking inspiration and making their own just like crime novel books so I think as long as you take elements or ideas from things you like but make it your own, have your own ideas about it, then you should be fine so films you like, if its a Sci Fi book lets say it is for simplicity but you can adapt to any type of book, then you take elements from Sci Fi such as futuristic elements, robots, ect core ideas from questions of Sci Fi like what if aliens visited us ect ect just pick parts you like to take inspiration drop them in your idea section or writer them into a scene but change add elements you like to begin the building of ideas and a new story.

I hope this all makes sense, I'm not saying rip off people or copy books I just mean take ideas and elements of things you like from the genre your writing about and make them your own but you can start very copy like to just get ideas what you want in the book ect but then change them into your own when your writing the final piece :)

Take care :)

Good Luck hugs :)
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I was going to suggest you look at Futurelearn.com and their introduction to fiction writing course as a way of nudging your writing back on course, however, it seems they now charge for this course so unless you don't mind paying £44 perhaps it's not for you.