What is your favourite genre for reading? And your least favourite?


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Aug 2, 2009
Is it fantasy, science fiction, romance, horror or maybe mystery?
I am into fantasy first, then mystery, then science fiction, then horror.
Not really into romance, although I am a a girl and most girls around me love to read romance.
I always find myself the odd one out, loving to read about hero on a quest for world saving rather than how handsome and sweet a guy is in the novel and how the girl ultimately falls in love with him and how they live on happily ever after.
Romance is just not for me, no matter how good the writer is.
Fantasy, on the other hand, even bad fantasy by terry goodkind, catches my attention right away!
In other words, fantasy catches my attention even if the writing is bad and romance just don't interest me, even if the writing is good.
What about you?
Science Fiction is my go to genre and definitely my favourite. If i had to narrow it down further, Space Opera would be my favourite sub-genre. Then perhaps a little horror. Although i read it rarely.

I can't read for knowledge and am rather envious of those that can. I do enjoy a good reference book, though.

I wouldn't say that I had a least favourite genre. Even books such as Twilight, which i think many of us would perhaps look down on. These books hold no interest for me, but i do appreciate that if it gets people reading, it can only be a good thing.

If i had to pick something as a least favourite genre, thank i think it'd have to be romance in the Mills and Boon/Barbara Cartland variety. (Not all romance, though.)
Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror . But I do make a point of reading a bit of everything , On occasion I read non fiction.:)

Im not a fan of Romance novels.:)
Of the genres mentioned, it would be science fiction by a long way, then probably fantasy, horror, and mystery though the last two may move up the ladder one of these days as I haven't read a whole lot of them. I don't think I've ever read a romance (unless a Tanith Lee book counts :)). Does that cover the main fiction genres? Oh, well, there's adventure/spy/thriller stuff, at least, if you count that apart from the mysteries. I haven't read a whole lot of that but it would give fantasy a run for the #2 slot.

In terms of subgenres, while I'm a big fan of history and historically-inspired SF, I'm not a big fan of most alternate history/time travel sorts of things but I like most every other kind of SF - kind of like Rodders, I probably like any kind of space story the best, whether its hard science space travel or space opera whooshing about. For fantasy, I tend to like the quirky weird stuff and less the medieval quest stuff (high fantasy, I think it's called). And for horror I like gothic creepy weird stuff and not the gore and splatterpunk and whatnot.
For fiction I read SF almost exclusively. I tried a Stephen King book last year that might be called science fiction but it mostly bored me though I finished it. I tried Lois Bujold's fantasy since I like the Vorkosigan series so much but fantasy just doesn't cut it. So it is mostly trying to sort SF that I like from what I don't.
I don't really have a least favourite genre - I don't really do zombies and vampires. My favourite is probably historical crime, things like Cadfael, Miss Fisher etc But I will read most things with a good plot, premise and characters.
I used to read only SF. But nowadays call me Mr Eclectic.
I used to read for adventure
But now I read for styles, looking for colours that I can try on my own palette.
Proust, Fitzgerald, Updike, Mary Gaitskill, Primo Levi, Dean Koontz, Will Self. so many.
To reel them in and try to broaden my writing into something interesting, if I am lucky, or a genre car crash most of the time.
I try to be inspired by them and make every piece I write different. Bad 'career move', I know, but I love the chemistry, the verbal experiments.
My favorite genre to read is definitely as I grew up with it and the idea of expanding the world and make it magic it's something that bursts my heart with joy. I really love high fantasy but i prefer medieval fantasy, with quests and warriors and weird wizards who help the main character: the old and good fantasy is the best!
My least favorite genre, even if I haven't read a lot of it so I'm not sure if there is a book out there which would change my opinion, is horror.
I tried to read a Stephen King book but I didn't even finish it. I've read other things when I was younger but nothing that could help me like the genre.
I don't really think I have a favourite genre, although I've been reading a lot of crime at the moment and enjoying it a lot. I think good crime has danger and threat, but also has realistic characters and a sense of investigation and discovery that I really like. I find that a lot of SFF, particularly fantasy, involves coming-of-age stories that don't really do a lot for me. In my current writing, I'm trying to bring a noir feeling to a fantasy setting, which I'm enjoying a lot.
I've been reviewing some darker fiction for a website for a number of years, so I've been reading a fair amount of horror. But I can feel my interest shifting some and, like Toby, I've been reading more crime fiction, whether it's detective novels or mysteries, soft boiled or hard boiled. I find I go through phases, and recently I've felt a hankering for fantasy, so that may be my next direction unless something else catches my eye.
I only read "romance" when it's fantasy or somesuch. Actually mostly just fanfiction and I don't think pairing is necessarily romance. Actually I usually don't go for anything that could conceivably happen in this world except for post apocalyptic. Usually I want some sort of magic or dragons in my stories. Or I do read Sci Fi as well.
I'm a woman and I don't like romance novels either. I'm not a fan of historical fiction either or anything with heavy-handed social commentary.
I generally read science type nonfiction books and for fiction it's usually fantasy, sometimes science fiction. I try to fit in a non-fiction history book in between those just so I know something about a particular period or event. Sometimes one of those "alternative knowledge" books looks interesting and I read that.
I used to read a lot of Middle-Earth fanfiction, but that was before the movies came out. After that, the Middle-Earth fanfiction sites got inundated with teenage girls with a far too many hormones slooshing around in their veins. Apparently it is impossible for 9 guys to go wondering about Middle-Earth without shagging each other in turns behind every convenient rock or bush.
I never got the whole fan fiction thing and it’s always been my impression that the majority of fan fiction devolves into eroticism of one for, or another.
I never got the whole fan fiction thing and it’s always been my impression that the majority of fan fiction devolves into eroticism of one for, or another.
For the Tolkien fanfiction pre-movies, it was more along the lines of filling in the gaps. Aragorn's childhood, adventures with Gandalf, more about Halbarad and Denethor, stories about Hobbits etc. I don't know about any of the other fanfiction fandoms since I didn't read those.
I primarily read fantasy. Science fiction and historical fiction are second equal.

But within fantasy, my preferreds are high, epic, grimdark, sword-and-sorcery. Sometimes I'll delve into steampunk and magic realism and low fantasy. The ones I rarely read are urban fantasy and paranormal romance.
I mostly read fantasy books. But I generally tend to like sci-fi movies better.

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