Stranger Things - Season 4 Part I (Episodes 1-7)

Season 4 is finally hitting its stride.
I find Steve's dive to the lake-bottom Upside Down gate more interesting than El's dive into her memories. I wish there was more of the former and less of the latter.
I'm impressed by the continuing positive development of Steve's character. It would seem that all the negative elements of his character have been transferred to Eddie.
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If you get bit at a weird dimension, will you get a weird infection or are just fine? Steve was mostly fine from his initial encounter with the giant bats. He even put up a good fight, smashing one to the ground and tearing its head off. But the question about bogies was brought up in a form of instant, lethal rabies.

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one thinking these questions.

I don't know how they didn't get swarmed again. Maybe the vampire bats don't really hunt, but are guided to their victims. The stranger thing was that Nancy confessed having guns in her bedroom, and because the Upside Down dimension is an analogue to the real world... they opted for it.

Except the guns weren't there, because the whole town had been locked to a moment when the original gate had opened in the season 1. Why?


Oh, the training. I have tried to do the same thing. The object never moves before I do, and 11 looks about the same. The objects aren't listening. Her power comes from anger, from bad memories.

Dr Owen put it, "All I see is a frightened little girl. No progress." El claimed that she was a monster, while Dr Brenner were claiming that it was "her choice," but she had to go through it, face the reality, about what she had done, or she would never be whole again.

That girl, braver than many, chose not to leave the program but go back into the tank to see the horrors of the past. What a hero. I hated that she had to live through another video, this time one that dealt with the aftermath of the rainbow room beating incident.

It felt confusing because we'd seen the massacre, and her blanketing it. The interrogation of Number 2 was horrible and also, another example of bullying. It seems to be the theme around 11's past, survive the bullying and become a superhero, who takes out super bullies.

I was blown away, when my theory about the assistant turning out to be the Number 1 turned out to be true. It surprised me that they'd put an isotope tracker in him and after 11 ripped it out, he was able to commit to a revenge against Dr Brenner's guys.

So it was never 11 who did commit to the slaughter, it was number 1. He opened the portal, and became the "five star general" Vecna for the Upside Down. So brilliant.

I loved that 11 showed 1 who's the boss in the real world.


"What were you doing at the lake?" Sheriff asked.

The kids looked at each other. "We were just going for a walk..." :LOL:

Oh man, the explanations. I loved that Erica burned the gang for lying, because their explanations honestly sucked. Pulling out the sex answer would have solved the problem and caused some issues.

In fact, Erica did that with her brother Sinclair, as she used the playboy collection against him to find out the truth about the dark side of Hawkins. I laughed out so much that I missed the dialogue. But at least Dustin draw together the dots and explained why the "Watergate" had happened in the Lover's Lake.

His theory about all murder scenes being a portal to the other dimension was brilliant. I loved so much when they poked a hole into the other dimension and the portal between dimension worked without flaws.

"Bada-bada-boom," as Dustin said. :giggle:


The monster slayers. I liked that they were talking about the daddy issues, while they waited for the final call. The thing about the molotov's and alcohol is that it really doesn't work the same without the petrol and long polymer bonds. Without them, alcohol just splashes around, burns relatively fast and without doing much.

So I was glad that Murrey managed to successfully portray as Yuri and get into the prison complex through the gates. But that was just a small step in the whole scheme of things.

I don't know how he managed to fool the warden, because for an American he pulled such a believable russian stunt that I was fooled. But he took an awfully long time to get his act together. I was yelling at my screen for him to do something when the monster was approaching.

I loved that the fight was quick and brutal. But I loved Hopper's reunion with Joyce even more. He was so stunned by it that he could not get a word out of his mouth. Brilliant.
I find Steve's dive to the lake-bottom Upside Down gate more interesting than El's dive into her memories. I wish there was more of the former and less of the latter.
Just watch the next one. All will become clear. It's brilliant.
Just watch the next one. All will become clear. It's brilliant.
Triple whammy!!
The lab assistant turns out to be Victor Creel's superpowered psychotic son, No. 001 AND Vecna. As you stated: "Brilliant".
Still, a little less time could have been spent on El's time in the lab; but I could be alone in that opinion.
My only remaining gripe is the second installment of the season consisting of only two episodes instead of another seven. Didn't fans earn more than that for their long wait after the third season?
What the ....?
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Season 4 was not great but did get gigantic viewer figures. So many people wanted to see the finale.
Will there be a season 5?
Stranger Things is returning to Netflix for a fifth and final season but due to strikes, the series has been unable to get underway with production. Things can now progress, however, with the dual Hollywood strikes ending. Here’s our updated massive preview of Stranger Things season 5, where we’ll cover everything you need to know about the fifth and final season of the show on Netflix.
I had thought the last couple of season 4 episodes were so bloated because it was the finale. Also it seemed very final.
Should be a brand new bad guy then?

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