Stranger Things - Season 4 Part I (Episodes 1-7)

I meant to write 60. Not very much happened though.
I agree. Not very much of content. A lot of talk about all sorts of things, but in reality nothing really much happened, and I think it's a problem when the cast is split in three, California, Hawkings and russian gulak/alaska. They tried to give all of them screen time, but it didn't translate to much of story, did it?
From the spoilers, episode 4 ramps it up a little more. I'm tiring of images of ticking clocks and the old house. One interesting revelation is that the weirdness began in the 1950's and not with the arrival of Eleven or the Russians.
A very specialist article! .. But Will's and 11's are rather bad.

I know there are a lot of impossible situations in this series, and rightly so, because without them, it wouldn't be dark urban fantasy. But the government barking into your house, telling you to keep quiet or else, because of an invisible monster, is stretching it a bit.

I know they've done it, because of the aliens, but if I'd find a boss lady and two suits in my living room, telling me to keep quiet, I might as well act like Will, and not keep quiet. At least the boss lady came prepared...


Bless her cotton socks. It's hard to argue with that letter. The only thing in Mike's shoes that I'd do is to fly back to Hawking's and get on with the rest of the business, after I'd tell the boss lady, "Okay."

The babysitting suits made me laugh, "You're not under arrest." Them being glued to tellie, just opens up so many opportunities. But Will was stupid. His actions of grumbling and throwing away El's letter just proved that his heart wasn't in the business. Admitting that they fought, and he couldn't understand anything about it, just unfortunately point out that he isn't going to be El's boy forever. That superwoman is going to move on and find some other guy.

I loved that Argyll was recruited to provide the boys an escape vehicle. But I never saw that the US Army was going to launch an assault on the boys. What the h*ll they were thinking? Thank God, Argyll appeared at the fight in the last minute to rescue them.

I've never seen a pizza driver going so fast. :giggle:


Oh man, Max's story made me shiver. In her shoes, I would have run as far as I can. She didn't. None of them had a chose to flee. And I don't think it would have really worked, as in the horror stories it really never does. You just don't have any other chance but fighting.

The plan, learning what you can from an institutionalized schizophrenic, while acting like star students from Notre Dame. "Hopefully Victor can have some answers..."

The opposition, a doctor, a fellow of American psychiatric association and a Harvard scholar. Oh man, social engineering a doctor and a scholar is going to be hard work.

He believed that paper work, and after he told that there was a process-of-approval, he observed disappointment. I loved that the whole situation was social engineered with a summer camp story and the doctor took the hook, with a line and a sinker.

The actual meeting with the Victor reminded me a bit about the Silence of Lambs. His story, many horror stories, but it was also original one. Too bad the doctor did what people should do with the security incidents and he cleared the background. Poor girls did not get much of chance for winning with their action.


Hopper weren't limping. He wasn't showing strain. He wasn't even sweating, because of the pain in that chain gang line. Not only that, but he showed true bollocks, by claiming, "she's not my woman," despite all the evidence.

Yuri's meeting in Alaska was nice, but I would not have trusted the man with the money. Joyce and Murrey were fine with it. Hopper's fight, with the exploding shed and the ride with a snowmobile, was a gorgeous piece of action. It was much better than the mall fight.

The whole flight and finding a church full of contraband items, including peanut butter, was some of the best writing in this season. I also loved that Yuri betrayed everything for a chance to make a lot of cash. It's what they are. You simply cannot trust them. Not ever.


I liked the grave yard scene and Billy being the avenger. In the dialogue, he was blaming Max for being too weak. Not putting up enough of a fight. But how do you flee from the evil domain, when there is no portal back to our world?

The music was a nice touch, but this scene...


It reminded me of horror masters. Many of them. But like in many American classics, love was the key to win the evil. I thought it was a nice touch.

The best episode so far.
was waiting for Eleven to do go mental and turn to Stephen King's Carrie in the skate hall. I
The Duffer Brothers don't seem to be shy about "borrowing" from classic horror. Pig blood, chocolate shake -- both are tough stains to remove.
Clouting the bully in the face with a roller skate didn't quite rank with locking all the rink doors and incinerating her tormentors, but El made her point. That's going to leave a mark.
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Clouting the bully in the face with a roller skate didn't quite rank with locking all the rink doors and incinerating her tormentors, but El made her point. That's going to leave a mark.
Well, at least it was a satisfactory smack and it gives a story for the bully. Although with her background I suspect a visit or two to a plastic surgeon and she's going to be fine. But here's a question for you, would the police have bothered to come investigate it?
I wanted Hopper to come home so much, I trusted Yuri too, even though it was a bad idea right from the doll and the phone call at the start.
The actual meeting with the Victor reminded me a bit about the Silence of Lambs.
Only a bit? It was another deliberate homage. Only the French and Saunders spoof did it better.
Much better episode, if still too slow to tell the main story.
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Two things, the suit in the pizza van was lucky that he made it all way to desert. The guy in the kitchen, I don't know how he survived longer, having his lung filling with blood and all the other damage.

What I don't get is that military involvement. They assaulted the house, lost people to suits, and then they went bonkers on tossing up the house. Only the major was clever by finding the letter that the stupid boy left behind. "If you wanna live, you'll tell me where she is..."

With that hole in the chest, it's an easy choice.

I loved that Argyle was freaked out about them putting the dead suit in a shallow grave ... in a bloody desert. "We need to go to cops, and tell them about your superpowered girlfriend. No, no. They might kill us, if we do that." What happened to that dutchy pod he was supposed to have after the job?


The secret location. Well, that is totally secure with nothing but desert that keeps going forever and again. Taken that it's not green, I assume it was filmed in the winter time, while the show is supposed to be happening in spring, with things greening.

It surprised me how big and deep that base was, and that the ******* doctor Brenner had made it to be in charge of what seemed to be like an army of scientists. It didn't surprise me that they pumped 11 full of chemicals. It's what they do.

Locking her into a room, shaving her head, all shock tactics. Dr Oven kept insisting that 11 was more powerful than an atomic bomb, and he wasn't exactly happy that they were drowning her in an extreme sensory deprivation tank to draw out her powers.

Brenner were fascinated about the whole event. To him, there were no limits. I hate him.


"What did I tell you American? No run. Now it's going to hurt." Robbers, liars, rapists, torturers. It's what they are and have been ever since they killed off their Tzar for communist ideas. You cannot trust them, but you can trust that if you're involved with them, it's going to hurt.

I liked that Hopper ended in the same cell as the betrayer guard, but I hated that Murrey and Joyce ended in the flight "behind the Iron Curtain." Hopper wasn't happy about it. In fact, knowing that Joyce was captured, drove him suicidal.

"Closer she is, more danger she is," he claimed. "I used to think I was cursed. Since I was 18. Got a letter of induction in mail. Uncle Sam wants me to go to fight some war in the jungle. Charlie's moving south like a plague, cause commie bastards like you, and... You know, I'm happy to go. Prove to my old man I'm not a piece of sh*t he thinks I am. They put me in Chemical Corps. I'm just ... a kid, you know. 18 years old, 8000 miles away, and I'm mixing up these... 55-gallon drums of Agent Orange. With just kitchen gloves, you know."

Bloody h*ll. I don't think any of us had an idea of how much of hell he had been through before his time in the Hawking's PD. I would have felt so guilty after the war. It no wonder why he ended up finding life in the bottle.

"Everyone I love, I hurt. See, I was wrong all this time. I wasn't cursed. I am the curse."

Oh Hopper, if I could, I would help you. And then Antonov said, "I don't know if you're cursed. But one thing you're right, we are going to die in here."

It would have been better if he had kept his mouth shut.

In the meanwhile, Murrey confessed that he had never been in a real world fight. It totally suits his persona. Murrey is just wimp, a smart wimp. If only God had blessed him with mighty bollocks, instead of tiny ones. Well, at least he put up a good fight and even better crash landing in the middle of nowhere, without giving out a mayday-signal.


Max definitely has artist talents. Most of the people cannot do that level of recall, or even drawing illustrations that would correspond fairly accurately to the hellish landscape of Upside Down world and the broken mansion on the hill.

She was not frightened, shocked or even in a need for a holiday or two. Instead, they were all pretty normal, as if scoopy do'ing is a normal thing.


It surprised me that the house was mostly intact. I was expecting it to be ruins or a blackened husk of a burned down mansion. In the scoopy shoes I would have broken open every single window, before entering into the house. The gang was braver. Not that any of them had any clues about what they were searching. If it had not been the electrics, they would have not known about anything. Not that they could have done anything to stop another murder.

At least now, they can't blame the gamemaster.
I don't understand is why the police were dicks about the assault? It was not a murder or a manslaughter. It was just a battery, after the bullying incident. The mistake that they did were by not telling where they were taking her to questioning.

The biggest one was doing the questioning without a lawyer or a parent in present, and in the way they were doing it, was a fishing expedition.
My feeling is that they built the bullying up to such an intolerable level that they had to give viewers some satisfaction. It would have been better to wait until El had recovered at least some of her superpowers -- enough to trip Angela while she skated and escape blame.
As far as El's needless arrest went, wouldn't it be great to have feds swoop in and make any lower-level charges go poof?
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Oh man, Max's story made me shiver.
Not knowing how willing the showrunners are to sacrifice a major character in this dark season, I dreaded the possibility of seeing Max twisted into a pretzel in mid-air. Whew!
The actual meeting with the Victor reminded me a bit about the Silence of Lambs.
As if the similarity to Nightmare on Elm Street wasn't sufficiently obvious, they cast none other than Robert "Freddy Krueger" Englund as Victor Creel. He did a little less damage scratching that table without his knife fingers. :)
Hopper weren't limping.
He was sprinting (SPRINTING!) through the snow on that broken foot. That could be the least believable scene in the season. :LOL:

I've got to wonder, at this point in the season, just what purpose will be served if Hopper succeeds in escaping from Kamchatka and returns to Hawkins? I do feel sorry for him. I've had bad work situations in my life, but nothing quite as bad as the labor camp.
When are they going to unionize? ;)
Yuri betrayed everything for a chance to make a lot of cash.
I wondered why Yuri bothered to actually count the ransom cash, instead of just accepting it, as a show of trust, when he planned to keep it all. Had he not advanced his treachery beyond the original plan at that point? :unsure:
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After a three year wait, a new batch of Stranger Things episodes has been unveiled to the masses, taking bingers on another trip to the Upside Down and beyond. Season Four is being split into two different volumes, a seven-episode set that was released over the weekend and two extended episodes that will hit Netflix on the first of July. Producer Shawn Levy says he's gotten to see the final two episodes of the season, and applauds the gut punch they'll bring to fans of the series.

"I'll just tell you that we are hard at work on volume two. There's so much being written as far as the runtimes of these episodes, and the hefty runtime of episode nine, in particular," Levy said in an extensive interview with THR. "Having seen both those finale episodes, they are as emotional as they are cinematic. Holy sh*t, they are definitely a treat for the eyes, but they punch you right in the heart. So, that's what I'll say about that."

As far as how this all leads into Season 5 — the final season for the Netflix hit — Levy added they're trying to stick the landing with every single episode of the upcoming season.

"Ending next season is all about finishing strong. We have phenomenal ideas for season five, and we don't want to stick around past the point where we see our path with clarity and confidence. So, season five will no doubt be epic," the filmmaker said. "It will be bittersweet for us to shoot and very bittersweet for audiences to watch. But hopefully, it's also deeply satisfying because as we all know, as fans of many other shows, there's few feelings as crummy as an unsatisfying ending — and there's no chance in hell that we are going to give our passionate, loyal fans anything less than a deeply satisfying close in the final chapter."

Some of our criticism is striking through, the final bit is because they want to have a STRONG ending. So, it is not all about catching beginning, because it also about finishing strong, or giving it a satisfactory ending in the best way you can.
We decided to change this thread (on the suggestion of @HareBrain) and create a new spoiler thread for the last two episodes of this season, so that you can discuss these episodes without spoiler tags. Stranger Things - Season 4 part II (episodes 8-9)
@HareBrain will move some posts across

I've moved two posts of mine and one by @therapist discussing the whole season so far, and removed spoiler tags.

(Therapist, if you'd rather yours was left in this thread, I can replace it.)
Loved the fight on the plane. I didn't expect Murray's black belt skills to prevail in the real world. I'm assuming that they crashed on Russian soil, although it wasn't clear how long they had been in flight.
With all the Vecna carnage the gang has experienced, I'm amazed that they seemed so calm as they investigated the Creel home. Of course, what would a horror story be if defenseless teenagers didn't venture into a place that screamed "do not enter"?


I wonder if Hawking's PD has any memory, because it's kind of strange that they'll have all these unexplainable events and nobody can recall anything about what happened in the past. Nobody was even questioning why all the bodies look the same, that they're all broken beyond conventional means!

None of them even referenced to the past events, the monster corpse found in the mall fire! It's as if all of it has been scrubbed away and nobody has been allowed into the details.


Major said, "I can make the pain end. Where's the girl?"

The tortured suit gasped, "I don't know..."

"There are two proposed explanations for what's happening. Explanation one, an invisible boogeyman from another dimension is slaughtering these kids. Explanation two, Dr Brenner's special little pet has gone rogue again, and he and his lackeys are now seeking to cover it up. Perhaps in the hopes of selling their pet to the Soviets. Now, which explanation sounds plausible to you?"

First one Major, cause for a patriotic doctor to go rogue the government has to become tyrannical. But the suit never offered that one. Instead, he opted for more torture. Good man goes to hell for good causes. Bad man yields and laughs, as the madness descends on him.


Chemicals, videotapes and a sensory deprivation tank. What could go wrong? Dr Brenner offered an explanation in the form of PTSD's and memory blocks. I most certainly have a few of them, and I just don't want to remember them. El to gain her powers back through a recall, would mean that she had her powers all her life and none of the kids in the Hawking's basement were a test-tube designs. Even though the number suggests such a thing.

"You have demons in your past. That's why we have to go through one memory at the time. If we go too fast, I'm afraid you could become lost in the darkness. And if you're lost... so are we all."

That is such a chilling line, because it suggests that there's nothing we can do to dimensional beings.

In the memory training, we learned about the Number 1, but not about what happened to him. El didn't approach the question either, about where he came from, as I doubt that the Number 1 was the first one. He might have been the first one that they tested things, but not the first that did things.

The biggest revelation was that "Papa never tells the truth." Not all of it.

He said nothing about the real objective, in the circle-of-strength test. What makes 11 and 1 specials out of all kids? Was the aid Number 1?

At least now we know that bullying makes her see red.


They need a better transport. Maybe a green hippie bus would do it, because they're monster hunters, like the Scoopy Gang. Expect they don't have a dog.

I facepalmed and laughed when Eddie called in the walkie and the gang answered right next to sheriff's media brief. Why they didn't turn it down or told him, "I call you in a minute...?" No, just answering and yelling into thing, "Where are you?"

I guess we are lucky that nobody was listening or doing Signal Intelligence. Although I suspect that some ham operator, which was popular back in the eighties, could have been listening in, but no action was taken to inform the authorities.

The whole town turned moron's when Jason opened his mouth at the Town Hall meeting. Why is that they don't have any clue about what their kids are doing or what the roleplaying club means?

Jason went and spread out lies at front of sheriff and the Hawking's officials. Nobody telling him to back up his fabrications on the truth.

At least the Scoopy gang, in the meeting with Eddie, finally understood the correlation between electrics and the demon breaking into our dimension. All thanks to Dustin realising that his compass wasn't wrong, but actually pointing towards a dimensional gate to Vecna's h*ll.


They do not look like they drove all night long in a pizza van. Ironed shirts. Washed hair. Clean clothes. I absolutely loved that Argyle fell for the lady in the house, Eden. It was so funny, but that's how fast chemistry works when you're a young adult.

What I didn't approve was Suzy doing engineering. It just didn't fit the picture. But when she told the story about the computer, I got her. I just wondered why she had not got her machine back all on her own.

When she started talking about tracing IP and datamining back in the 86 ... I just dropped the pen and focused on enjoying Cornelius pranks. The details writers, the details!

Traceroute, 1987!

Data mining, goes back 1960's, but was first time introduced in the IT jargon at 1990! It didn't become a popular word until much, much later, around 95 and in the peasants, after 2015.



Fitting punishment for the traitor. I hoped Yuri froze his balls, while he sat on the ground. No such luck. At least Joyce found hers, as she used Yuri's unfortunate condition against him. It worked fast as the ******* offered guys, cars and a plan to attack the prison.

Why would you trust him? They kept him tied, but not gagged until Murrey sprang his plan.

In the prison scene, somehow Hopper had found polished shoes, and he wasn't limping again, even though you could assume that those shoes were rubbing his wounds. But he most certainly had the right attitude (get absolutely wasted) before facing the monster. If his theory is correct, then why the monster would bother with a drunkard that can't even stand up, than getting that thrill of hunt from other ones?

But Hopper had a better plan. Getting into the fight and thrown back into a cell before facing the monster. What a man.

Is Steve going to survive his trip to hell?
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Some of our criticism is striking through, the final bit is because they want to have a STRONG ending. So, it is not all about catching beginning, because it also about finishing strong, or giving it a satisfactory ending in the best way you can.
I thought season 4 was going to be the last one. Hopefully season 4 progresses well to justify a season 5 it on an entertaining story point of view.

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