Please help me find a short story I read in the early 80s

Justice of Toren

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Apr 22, 2022
In 1982 or so I checked out an SF short story collection from my local library in the USA. I think the stories were from the 70s, but might have been older. I believe it was a hardcover volume. I don't remember the editor or the theme of the collection at all.

Here's what I think I remember about the story:
  1. Took place in the American southwest (Arizona? Albuquerque?)
  2. Took place in the early 21st century
  3. New York City had expanded so far west that the setting of the story was now part of NYC
  4. The main character's hair and/or clothing had a negative electric charge to repel dust
I feel like (3) might have been a misunderstanding on my part, but I've always thought it was an interesting idea.
That's all I remember. Would love to know if it's real or if I made it up. Thanks in advance.

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