Outer Range


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May 24, 2021
A new show on Prime featuring Josh Brolin. A weird western which owes a debt to Bradbury and Lovecraft.

A ranch holder in the mid west discovers a void in the middle of his cattle grazing land. Weird events unfold as he becomes embroiled in murder.

An intriguing premise with some great acting from Brolin. The editing in the first episode drove me a bit mad with some hyperactive cutting that was quite unnecessary. Note to the camera man: Mr Robot worked because the odd framing emphasised the pressure the characters were under. Here it's just headache inducing. This significantly improves in episode 2.

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I have watched four, and it's definitely going into the David Lynch territory. I have no idea of what's really going in this show and where they are heading. The Man who fell to Earth looks more interesting.
I watched the first episode and have no interest in watching another -- strange and as dark as the hole that mysteriously materializes in the pasture.
Josh Brolin saying grace before dinner is a highlight.
Season 2 is premiering on May 16th .

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