The worst way, in your opinion, to start a fantasy?


Apr 11, 2022
I still have no idea how to answer this question for myself and a lot of readers that i know answer in very different ways so I'd like to know your personal opinions!
Writing or reading one?
I'm not sure there's a worst way. I mean, everybody reads a book pretty much in the same fashion: you start at the beginning, work through the middle and finally reach the end. Probably reading the end first to see how the story concludes is bad.
Best advice , open the book and read.:)
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I have also started with volume 2. It was an interesting experiment. Normally, possibly because I like world building, I tend to like the first volume of a series better than subsequent volumes. In agreement with that theory, when I read Juliet Mckeena's "The Swordsman's Oath" before "The Thief's Gamble", I liked The Swordsman's Oath better. Unfortunately, a female friend suggested that as The Swordsman's Oath had a male POV character, I probably found it easier to identify with him.
Hmm...that's a question with a lot of layers. But I'd say the worst way to start a fantasy would be to try and explain your fantasy world and the conflicts of the characters within the first chapter or two. Trust me I've tried it know what, we're not even going to go there. :LOL: