How to save Luke in the Live Action Series - follow Children of Dune's lead?

Heijan Xavier
Apr 17, 2016
Anyone who has read the Dune books and seen the Star Wars sequel trilogy would likely have determined that the desert planet of Jakku was likely named after the Arakeen, deep desert community of Seitch Jacurutu. That's totally fine by the way. Why not pay homage to Dune?

Along those lines. In book 3 Ghenima Atreides (Paul's daughter) undergoes a self-induced mind-wipe and convinces herself that her twin brother Leto was eaten by a sandworm. In reality, he was going alone on a secret mission into the deep desert, but if Ghenima stood before a truth-sayer and was not completely sure that Leto was dead, their adversaries would have gone looking for him and compromised his mission.

What if Luke, in TLJ, had previously undergone a self-imposed mind-wipe. Maybe Ben Solo didn't destroy the entire new Jedi order; he just did some damage. Luke determines the best way to keep them safe is to let the knowledge of the survivors' deaths die with him. So, while Rey begins her own Jedi academy on Tatooine, there's another, secret one elsewhere in the galaxy as an insurance policy against the next Jedi purge that would likely happen in a few centuries or millennia.

So in short. Luke was pathetic in TLJ by design, because that was the only guaranteed way to keep his surviving students safe.

Thoughts y'all? I know Favreau and Filoni want to save Luke's character, and without somehow relegating the current sequel trilogy to legends, I don't know how else they can pull it off.

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