DISCUSSION THREAD -- April 2022 -- 300 Word Writing Challenge #45

Does anyone know if you can edit entries after you post them? I think I've forgot to give mine a title again. It's not a big deal but I remember it was better to make sure you had a title for each story.
Does anyone know if you can edit entries after you post them? I think I've forgot to give mine a title again. It's not a big deal but I remember it was better to make sure you had a title for each story.
Only within an hour of posting the story -- after that no amendments are allowed save in exceptional circumstances, and that includes adding a title (since a good and/or explanatory title can make a bigger difference to a story than correcting a simple typo or punctuation error). So sorry, but not even mods can help change that now.
That's alright. I thought it might be a bit late but I wanted to check. Thank you both.
@Christine Wheelwright .... Fish-Man! .... Sometimes we need to remember that being the person in charge might lead to a charge that turns the lights out.

@Cat's Cradle .... Scarlet Eye, Anglerfish .... Sometimes you really don't want to wake up!

@Aknot .... A Daughter Of The Past .... Sometimes the past really does teach us how to face to the future.

@redzwritez .... Untitled .... Sometimes silence is more than golden, it's safety.

@Swank .... The School .... Sometimes a Frankenstein creation strikes a blow for freedom.

@Jo Zebedee .... MARKET DAY .... Sometimes love is both kind and cruel at the same time.

@Guttersnipe .... He Shall Not Be Mocked .... Sometimes God's wrath falls on unlikely suspects and unlikely places.
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Rafellin: This underwater adventure allows the readers to picture the beings encountered in it by using their imaginations. The ending provides a touch of hope that people can sometimes act wisely.

Astro Pen: The matter-of-fact tone of this apocalyptic tale makes its extraordinary events seem as real as today's headlines. The reversal of the normal perception of human activities makes the reader ponder the justice of self-defense.

Christine Wheelwright: With tongue firmly in cheek, the author makes use of popular culture to present an example of the worm turning. Who among us cannot relate, and wish for such retribution?

Cat's Cradle: This surreal horror story can be interpreted as a delusion of the narrator. Even so, the poignancy of the narrator's situation carries a powerful emotional impact.

Aknot: In this mythic vision we find a poetic meditation upon time and divinity. If the nature of the deity remains enigmatic, that is only appropriate for something beyond human ken.

redzwritez: The author pays tribute to a great work of literature in this intriguing tale of a dysfunctional family and a remarkable creation. Careful reading is necessary to unravel all its mysteries.

Swank: A truly original science fiction concept lies at the heart of this imaginative story. With great skill, the author allows the reader to feel empathy for one who is no longer completely human.

Jo Zebedee: An intimate portrait of the narrator's thoughts and emotions can be found in this tale of cruelty and kindness. With a gentle touch, the author relates the power of innocence over cynicism.

Guttersnipe: This provocative fable of faith and doubt raises many questions in the mind of the reader. Not the least of these is how one should interpret its meaning, adding great depth to the work.
I discovered the Muse raiding my fridge a couple of days ago. After wrestling my pepper jack cheese from it, I stuck a deal. The cheese, for an idea. The Muse accepted.
Starbeast: The realistic narrative style of this science fiction adventure story brings its speculative content to life. The unexpected conclusion creates a true sense of wonder at the mysteries of the universe.

AnRoinnUltra: In this satiric account of the misadventures of would-be invaders, we find a mirror reflecting our own foolish assumptions. Can we ever really understand our own limitations?
Victoria Silverwolf: The deftly written sensorial cues and familiar youthful excitement meld to present humanity as the alien invader. We are left with the mystery of the lone astronaut and the manner of his demise.
@Victoria Silverwolf .... Museum Piece .... Sometimes the wonder of youth is very enlightening.
--- This was really, really well done. I'm impressed.

@Starbeast .... A Space Freighter Pilot’s Journal .... Sometimes really strange things can lead to really wonderful things.

@AnRoinnUltra .... The Continuing Adventures of Agents Irene, Spatula and Special Agent Sockenpowder .... Sometimes the things that are learned are best left unlearned.
JS Wiig: The awe-inspiring sweep of this epic journey through vast distances of space and time creates a true sense of the immensity of existence. In a few words, the author manages to convey the entire experience of an extraordinary being.
@JS Wiig .... A Spacefaring Captain .... Sometimes the end of something is a fresh beginning.
La Panda du Mal: In this darkly poetic tale of obsession, we find that sense of the unknowable sought by so many writers of cosmic horror, and so seldom achieved. In addition, there is a subtle indication of a love that truly dare not speak its name.

BT Jones: With the vast sweep of a creation myth, the author creates an entirely new vision of prehistory. Written with the gravitas of a sacred text, it causes the reader to enter another world.
@Le Panda du Mal .... Tom Crabbielocks .... The Evil Panda writes us a mystery with a piece of impeccable literary prose for a letter.
*Much impressed.

@BT Jones .... Children of a Foreign Sea .... BT writes a prologue to an epic Fantasy Novel he should consider writing.
I managed to cobble something together, not my first idea but hopefully better than what I original drew up. All I will say is that it took great willpower not to name my characters Ben and Jerry :unsure: