A good way to promote my book

John stefan

Science fiction fantasy
Mar 14, 2022
Hello everyone
My name is John Stefan. Now, I Would Like please some tips on how to promote my book which I wrote and self - Published. Does anyone know a literary agent that I could contact to help to promote it in the newspapers or in some other way? I look forward to your replies.

kind regards John Stefan
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Hello and Welcome to the Chrons.

Congratulations on writing your novel. However, I think you've labouring under some misapprehensions about publishing, so I'd suggest you step back and spend a good bit of time reading through all these threads here in Publishing and in Writing Discussion, which will help you get a better feel for things.

Meantime, just to confirm, as you've self-published your book, it's highly unlikely that any literary agent would want to take you on for this novel, since unless you sell inordinately well it simply won't be attractive to any commercial publishers. In effect, you've burned your bridges with this one.

Also agents don't tend to promote books via newspapers, and national papers aren't going to give promotional space to a self-published novel for free unless the author is well-known in some way, and I suspect the costs of advertising in a national makes it completely uneconomic. A local paper (or local radio station come to that) in need of stories about local residents, might be more amenable, though, so perhaps draw up a small PR release with a photo of you and the book, and contact your local press.

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