Raised by Wolves 2.07 Feeding


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May 27, 2013
This round was packed full of developments -- which may or may not be related to each other some day.

A Tree Named Sue
Not a good ending for the medic formerly known as Sue -- begging to be burned but destined to be a biotech feast for No. 7, she folded her branches as the serpent approached. That served only to facilitate meal time, as the flying snake ate her like a biotech celery stalk, top to bottom.
Sue Tree was an exceptionally transformational power-up. She enabled No. 7 to sprout tentacles and wings (as if they were needed), as well as generate a traveling electrical show.

Sue Tree Fruit
Making the Sue Tree's head-sized walnuts available to the colonists was a disappointment to Paul and possibly Marcus. They seemed to expect consumption to magically convert the diners into Sol worshipers.
If delayed effects don't pop up, I'll wonder why No. 7 missed out on most of his snacks. He got riled about sharing them and wasted no time gobbling up leftovers after breaking out of his cell and heading for Sue Tree.

No. 7
I didn't think Mother's loss of her ability to control junior was due to her care-giving program. The new, improved serpent can now out-necroscream her.
Why has No. 7 “targeted” Campion? Sibling rivalry?

Baby Buckethead
Why did the late Mrs. Sea Creature kidnap Tempest's new baby? Was the body in the cave her own baby and she needed a substitute?
How was she able to nurse the baby? Evidence of human-sea creature common DNA?

Now substituting speech for musical tones, Granny confirmed that humans and the Mithaic-atheist conflict were on Kepler-22b long before the latest returnees. You can't fault these people for being inconsistent.
At home or away, their battle continues. Separate planets apparently never occurred to them.

Father's exchange with Hunter about the lame, “heavy lifting” android Hunter obtained by trading his medallion:

Hunter According to you, the medallion was useless.
Father Yes. But it did not require maintenance to be useless.
Headless android flips Father the bird

Vrille's final shutdown:
“Danger. This product will become radioactive soon after breakdown. Please take it to one of our designated sites for proper disposal. Thanks, user, and have a great day.”

Random Observation
The Habitanks are the coolest vehicles on the planet. I want one.


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Jan 5, 2001
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There was always going to be 8 episodes!

That's a great summing up @REBerg Just when I thought I understood what was going on, and that Season 1 actually might have made some kind of sense, they throw all that at you, and we are back to the bizarre weirdness again.

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