Replicant human hybrids, whatcha guys think?

Draven Vertigo

Aspiring writer.
Feb 21, 2022
Los Angeles CA
In the Bladerunner sequel all the hubbub seems to stem from the idea that human/machine hybrids are a big NO NO. The fictional society is so damned advanced i.e replicants, it's ok for them to be slaves and sex bots but if babies happen then we gotta have a war about it. Then theres Westworld where the A.I/hosts are fighting just to exist. I understand stand that packed in there is allegory for problems in our real world. But if we someday have Artificial Humanoid Beings would that be a next step in evolution? Given the bad things dont happen i.e Terminator or basically The A.I decides people are toxic which is honestly is accurate AF.


and debonair
Feb 25, 2022
I would say that 2049 leaves it pretty ambiguous if there are any human/replicant hybrids. Replicant/replicant reproduction is controversial enough in that world.

But I don't think there will necessarily be a time when people are purely all-natural DNA and there are synthetic people that are so close that their DNA matches ours. I think we'll change our own genes first before we model a non-human on them.

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