Wondrous Stories Comics (October, 2021)


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Feb 1, 2022
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Besides the novel in the previous thread, I also took it upon myself to produce an anthology comic. As I've mentioned elsewhere in the Chrons, I hired a dozen artists in 5 countries over 3 continents to produce it. It's on the shelves right now at Fantagraphics Bookstore and in Golden Age Collectibles (both in Seattle). It's of course also for sale online as a pdf here.


In this throwback to the anthologies of the Silver and Bronze ages of comics, you can enjoy tales of sci-fi, fantasy, and suspense! Plus, in the final story you can see the introduction of a new hero: The Precept.

"Not a dream, not what you're expecting, but what you need.
The Precept is the start of something special by Mark Harbinger. Get in on it now."
— Ron Marz (DC/Marvel/Image/Dark Horse)

I had the opportunity to become work with Ron Marz while I did this, also. I wanted to find out the specifics on formatting comic scripts (spoilers: there are none) so I took Ron's online class; but, after that class, I continued to work with him to explore the deeper inner-working of how the comics came together and he was a great resource (like a Managing Editor at a larger house).

I wrote all of the stories, managed (acted as sort of an 'Art Director') for all of the art, as my scripts tended to be quite detailed. I have read comics for so long, I was able to visualize the panels in a way that (Ron said) most writer didn't. So, that was nice.

He and I are also both fans of superhero prose novels and we both think it's too bad that doesn't catch on more. He recommend Dr. Strange the Fate of Dreams by Devin Grayson and I especially love Elliot S! Maggin's classic Superman: Last Son of Krypton.

And, of course, the final story in this anthology also features my own creation, The Precept. I'm usually not big on comps; but, he's sort of a Doctor Fate X The Good Doctor. I have a lot of fun writing him and I look forward to doing future comics of him, someday. It's not overstating it to say that I wrote the entire novel just so I knew what my character's origin story was...

Obviously, this was a dream come true for a kid who grew up reading Silver Age reprints and Bronze Age classics. Fifty or so years of reading comics came to this for me. Hit me up if anyone wants guidance on the production process, too. Not as much fun as writing it, but just as intense. What a ride.


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