been searching for a long time - sci/fi or fantasy classic battle with dropping musical bombs that paralyze enemy


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Mar 1, 2022
There is a interesting twist to this story.... I was in middle school and we had a large library, and we were told to research and pick our next book to read. I of course, did not prepare, and had a minute or two left if I recall (1990's) and I said a prayer, and the prayer was one of conviction, as I did not want to read a book that was not based on Christian principles, yes you read that right, so I prayed a short prayer saying "Lord, Im going to randomly pick a book may it be one that builds me up and based on Christian principle" out of the entire library I picked a book that I cannot no longer find but it was book definitely based on Christian principles, think "lion witch and wardrobe".

But I remember it being a beautiful story, science fiction based with some empire fighting another of sorts, but the part that stands out the most was at a battle, which I believe was a final battle, the winners were able to win by dropping music boxes or music bombs on the enemy and the songs defeated the enemy by paralyzing or affecting them by something similar. If this rings a bell to anyone I would appreciate your help, the cover was blue if I recall.