Tolkien Reads the "Roast Mutton" Chapter of The Hobbit


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Aug 21, 2010
I've seen a statement elsewhere that iTunes (with which I am not familiar) offered a recording of Tolkien reading from the troll chapter of The Hobbit. I haven't found a way to get this audio file. Can anyone help?
Just checked my CD of Tolkien readings and unfortunately (but as I suspected) it's only extracts from LoTR.

Thanks for checking, Matteo. I've followed Tolkien's published recordings from just about the beginning, buying Poems and Songs of Middle-earth within two or three years of its first appearance as a Caedmon longplay vinyl record, then buying cassette tape versions, then buying CDs.

Here's tantalizing information about Tolkien reading the "Roast Mutton" passage:

------I'm not too savvy with eBooks, but I have the epub file for the enhanced Hobbit eBook and I've borrowed my cousin's Nook. The text of the file works fine but it won't play any audio. Can anyone help me out with this? I'd very much like to hear the full Roast Mutton track somehow. ...Nevermind, just purchased it on iTunes, it's fantastic! How has this gone for so long without being released? Or did I miss something? Is there more of like stuff out there (more unreleased audio I mean)? Tolkien's purse's "Ere, 'oo are you?'" is priceless! Love it!------

That's from 2018. Perhaps the Tolkien audio in question is no longer available.
Did a bit of digging and found this: Tolkien Sings

Which took me where there is a lot of stuff (though search results are not very precise): but I don't see "roast mutton".

Possibly the second recording here is Tolkien reading but the quality is so low it's hard to tell:
And after more looking around, it does seem it is only available on the enhanced ebook version of the book: The Hobbit Enhanced Edition: an E-book for Tolkien lovers

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