The Outer Worlds on Supernova Difficulty

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Feb 21, 2022
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So I never played the Outer Worlds before but I did go ham on Fallout New Vegas on Survivor difficulty so I figured what the hell. Why not just jump into the lava with both feet. Naturally playing a new game on its hardest difficulty will result in countless deaths and yet I'm still enjoying the game overall. Has anyone else played this game? On Supernova perhaps? Thoughts? Concerns? Condolences?
I think I played it on Supernova.

I found it....meh.

Firstly, supernova difficulty level wasn't that difficult. Slightly inconvenient at the start, but quickly you overpower. Nothing like survival difficulty for Fallout 4, which has a much more protracted and lengthy 'beginning' period where things are a bit dicey. Or even the new Legendary setting for Skyrim. That's pretty brutal. (especially if you try and mage it.)

As for the gameplay, I was also hoping something a bit more open world...but as it stood everything felt a bit 'on rails' and somewhat barren i.e. the maps were essentially linear, don't remember side missions being particularly prominent or large. Therefore I had no urge to go in again after finishing it and doing different builds or going for different endings.

Liked other elements of the play - the RPG and more 'Obsidian' quest solving. NIce graphics. (But I prefer Fallout 4 gunplay and exploration.)

If it had the scope & size of New Vegas and as much depth as that game in a lot had in lots of different areas, it would have got me excited.

Currently saving pennies and disk space for Starfield when that comes later this year, to see if Bethesda can crawl out of their Fallout 76 hole.
Dude I'm totally stoked for Starfield. And I enjoyed the hell out of FO4 Survivor mode. To be honest I started the outer Worlds on Supernova with the intent that I was going to only do 1 playthrough. I agree with the linear sentiment. The maps seem pretty meh to me too.
One thing ive learned about Outer Worlds . Always upgrade your armor and weapons. :confused:
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The Outer Worlds was great, I thought. I enjoyed it a lot more than I had expected to. I didn't play in on Supernova difficulty, however. Only on Normal which felt more like Super Easy. Looking forward to the eventual sequel.

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