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Dec 23, 2011
So, I just completed a survey, as this thread's title suggests. Questions about plot, characters & their relationships, etc. Finally, a place for comments. I said that I disliked the foul language used by Chrisjen Avasarala. To me, the line from that elderly woman answering the black sheriff's greeting (in BLAZING SADDLES) with a profanity was FUNNY. Likewise, in TOTAL RECALL, an elderly woman used profanity, & I am sure that was there for humor. It is funny because it is out of character, & unexpected. Yet, this woman, who held a VERY high office routinely uttered the F-word. Though I cannot recall, it may have been used only in the presence of young people; but trying to impress them with such language seemed odd. I would have expected her to rebuke them for using profanity in her presence.


Oh, there was a question about my interest in further adventures. I said 'yes!'
Sound like they're considering further stories.
Out of curiosity, where is the survey? I wouldn't mind adding my own affirmative to this poll.
Amazon sent an email with a link in it. I guess my voracious appetite for this series may have been why I received it. I would watch 2 to 3 episodes a night, & go through 2 seasons in 10 days.


but this is a log-in, requiring pw etc.

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