Humor (Humour) for the Meme Streets

For several years, I have published a blog, A Berg's Eye View, on the WordPress website.

The blog has included satirical pieces, reviews, personal opinions – even a writing contest with my wife. Unfortunately, my aspiring humorist efforts enjoyed limited and sporadic success – until I discovered memes.

I am currently publishing six original (some more original than others) humorous (a matter of opinion) memes daily. The archives, approaching the 2,000 mark, are categorized and cross-linked.

I invite Chrons members in need of a possible chuckle to visit and browse. Dare to become a follower, and have your mailbox filled with new post notifications. Who could say “no” to that?

I encourage copious sharing. With a little luck, my memes will still be bouncing around the internet long after I'm gone.
Went by your site -- fun.

Now I'm curious, what does an "exoanthropologist" study? Google kept giving me results for xenoanthropologist which, it seems, would have been what you have written if that is what you meant.

There was also the hit for Exogamy as a branch of anthropology. Which, wow, so specific!


From the Greek evxoZ + yapco (“out” + “to marry”), exogamy is the marital rule according to which the spouse must be sought outside the social group (e.g. kindred, totem, royal) one belongs to. It is the opposite of endogamy.

Fun stuff all around.
Exoplanetary human lifeforms. My actual degree was in another area, but I have since obtained a doctorate in exoanthropology via the Interstellarnet. :)
That's really interesting.
Is Exoanthropology the same or different than Xenoanthropology? If different, how so?

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