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Oct 1, 2021
Sorry to ask a stupid question, but when and how do you check in to make sure that your submission was received. I sent something out to a short story magazine in September and haven't heard anything back. I'm fine waiting a little longer if I know that my piece is being considered, but given how few places accept simultaneous submissions I don't want to not send the story out if the original group doesn't actually have it in their queue.
I think you're well within your rights to check that it's been received. Over the last few years, publishers have been less and less inclined to tell you that they're not interested in your manuscript. It seems that the charming custom of ghosting has become industry standard. It might be worth checking that there's no small print on the publication's website to the effect that, if you've not heard from them in X amount of time, you can assume they won't be publishing it.
I got a script request from a US production company yesterday and after the comment below, I'm about to go into limbo when I send it off. I know they have some interest because they asked for the screenplay, but it will be like dropping a coin into a very deep well and listening indefinitely for a splash :giggle:

"We receive a large volume of scripts so we’re only able to respond to material we are interested in pursuing.
Please note: we don’t send rejection notices, provide script notes or other status updates."

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