Chronscast Season 1 Episode 2 - Klara And The Sun with Jo Zebedee

Relating to TJ’s discussion, I had always understood from my wife, who was French, that the rule for the weight and size of baguettes here in France was very strictly controlled.
I'd have thought the same, so I'm also surprised it's just custom not an actual rule -- though never underestimate the power of custom and the social disapprobation which would follow from flouting it! -- and I suspect the French originally did have their own version of the medieval bread assizes, whereby everything was more strictly regulated as to weight and/or price.

Is the format of a TIN in British bakeries a standard? Or was it just so much part of my youth that I projected a fixed size local loaf all round the world.
Almost certainly, though I can't pin down exactly what and when -- according to the Federation of Bakers:

Until 2008 legislation required all bread sold in the UK to weigh 400g or multiples thereof.​
so undoubtedly there would have been a similar rule in the 50-70s, perhaps expressed in the size of tin, but more likely as to weight. And though bakers are now allowed to sell in different weights, there are still a plethora of rules to which they have to abide, though perhaps not as complicated as this medieval gem:

Assisa Panis (Assize of Bread): When a Quarter of Wheat is sold for 12d., then Wastel Bread of a farthing shall weigh £6 and 16s. But Bread Cocket of a farthing of the same grain and bultel, shall weigh more than Wastel by 2s. And Cocket Bread made of grain of lower price, shall weigh more than Wastel by 5s. Bread made into a Simnel shall weigh 2s. less than Wastel. Bread made of the whole Wheat shall weigh a Cocket and a half, so that a Cocket shall weigh more than a Wastel by 5s. Bread of Treet shall weigh 2 wastels. And bread of common wheat shall weigh two great cockets.​

which reads like a fiendish logic puzzle! (This is from which gives a helpful summary of what the different types of bread were.)
Listened to the latest episode, still got those two country bumpkins presenting with TJ adding a touch of class. Now I feel I have to read Klara and the Sun. Jo you come across really well, I do have bone to pick another book in progress but not IC2.

Well done to all involved, I look forward to the next episode.

@The Judge, I don't have any problems hearing you.
Listened during my drive to my monthly meeting 60+ min. away. I enjoyed Episode #2 more than #!. Largely because I had read Klara and the Sun and I agree that it is an excellent work. I was able to understand almost all of what was said, but a couple of times either Jo's accent or idiom lost me for a moment or two. I was able to hear the @The Judge clearly this time. I wouldn't have thought that there was so much to understand about food for writing. The "interludes" were very difficult to follow due to accent and idiom. On the whole this is an interesting podcast and deserves a wider audience. (Do you have any idea how many times it gets downloaded? Not that it really matters, but is of some interest.) I appreciate all of the hard work done to produce this.


American Werewolf in Paris? I'm not sure I'm up to viewing that. I remember avoiding it like the plague when it came out. But just for solidarity's sake. I'll see if it's free somewhere. How about some David Weber sometime?
American Werewolf in Paris? I'm not sure I'm up to viewing that. I remember avoiding it like the plague when it came out. But just for solidarity's sake. I'll see if it's free somewhere. How about some David Weber sometime?

American Werewolf In London, not Paris! The Paris one is a complete dog's dinner and you're right to avoid it. London is great, though. A bit gruesome, sure, but very funny. And a bit sad.

Getting about 100 downloads per episode so far but early days. Once we start getting guests from outside the Chrons community (starting from next episode) I'm hoping it will grow.

I still don't think everybody inside Chrons is listening either, but it'll be a slow burn, and it can only get bigger.
Thanks for that bit. I will look for the American Werewolf in London instead.

*I actually think a 100 downloads is quite admirable at this stage.
Got distracted by world events the last week, so just finished Klara and the Sun a few days ago. Loved the book, though to me it seemed the ending was tragic (the very last bits with Klara). Might just be... world events, though.

Loved the podcast - the discussion of the book, TJ's piece was fascinating; Peter V's story was beautifully read, and I think my favorite part of the 'casts is becoming the endings, when the authors discuss their own works and lives. Jo was brilliant, Dan and Chris did a great job, and TJ, your segments are a pleasure. Great work all, and counting down the days to the next episode, CC
The idea of an index is good. At 2 hours, not everyone will have time to listen in one go and easier to dip in and out with an index.

Yes, please ramp up the volume on TJ's section next time.

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I just got mine from the greengrocer stall at the Wednesday street market (free with a dozen aubergines).
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(Except Dan. Who gets brownie points for using the library.)

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