Riftwar TV Series.


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May 4, 2005
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I shouldn't get my hopes up, will probably be a let down but I'm still excited, they may get it right.

‘The Riftwar Cycle’: TV Series Adaptation Of Fantasy Books In Works At Newly Launched Six Studios

EXCLUSIVE: Jeff Huang and Carl Choi, entrepreneurs and lifelong fans of comic book, fantasy/sci-fi, and horror storytelling, have formed Six Studios as a genre-focused content company. In its first…

I would love to watch this adaptation, if ever would be released!!!
This year i started reading Feist, and unfortunately i first red the Shadow Of a Dark Queen of the Serpentwar Saga, thinking ''It's just the first book of four, what could go wrong?''.
It was after finishing the first half of the book that i learned there were published so many books before it by the same author.
At least this explained why i couldn't follow at first who were all those characters that the author mentioned in the book.
Now i continue reading Feist with Rise of a Merchant Prince, hoping that a TV adaptation of The Magician will make me learn more about Pug of Stardock, a favourite character of mine.
I believe that these books would make perfect TV. But after the disappointment of WoT, I'm not sure I'll get my hopes up, even if I think it would be great.
Ive read the first 4 books in the series . I would love to see this happen as a series ! :cool:
Based on past experiences, I won't hold my breath. I hope I'm totally wrong.

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