Long Shot: Engineer cryo frozen wakes up in future after a solar flare and saves the world/humanity


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Jan 24, 2022
So in 2006 (ish) I came across a story on the internet as a text file (I can't remember where) and now I'm trying to find it. I think the text file was called Orange Sun?

The story went like this:
A (computer?) engineer dies in the 90s or 2000s and is cryogenically frozen "until he can be healed". Eventually he is woken up in the far future (like 3000). He sees that the earth had its ozone layer striped by a solar flare and is being bathed in UV, but nobody is doing anything because everyone is now grown in a lab & has an education programmed into them and while everyone is technically super intelligent, nobody is really that aware and are mostly just going through the motions. (Basically the theme was all intellectual thought had died.) The world had been kept going and in a steady state by a global computer system, that wasn't truly intelligent but was quite advanced, but not advanced enough to understand what has happened. (At one point he almost freezes to death cause the system stops his car due to a blizzard when he is in the mountains and refuses to turn on the engine for heat.) The guy then goes about figuring out how to hack the global computer system to try to fix things. (He does this by getting a calculator app approved on the global network, in which he built a way to hack together a binary, with which he builds a compiler, and builds from there.)

Eventually he ends up in a feud with an uploaded human from a 'colony' on Jupiter, and finds a drone that developed sentience in the sewers of, Rome or Milan I think? Eventually he wires his brain up, and sort of uploads himself, becomes the world AI, and lots of (mary sue-ish) stuff happens. (After the uploaded people get into a civil war caused by his feud and accidentally erase themselves, he goes to Antarctica to interface with the lab where the uploading happened and he uses the rebuilt computers on Jupiter to rebuild humans from the base pairs up, leading to a new super race. It's all very... something.)

Anyway, I've looked for it for a while. I know I've seen references to it years ago somewhere, so it was actually out in the wild, so to speak, but I get the sense it was some unpublished short fiction story that got passed around in the dark ages of the internet, thus it isn't in any database.

Anyone have any idea what this story was called or where I could find it?

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