Stormlight Archive or Mistborn?


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Jan 17, 2022
Hi Guys, I'm new and hope that's the right place so ask this. I wanna start reading a good and long Fantasy Book Series and so far my finalists are Stormlight Archive series and the mistborn series, both from sanderson.

My favourite books ever so far are
The Witcher Series and A song of ice and fire. But definitely by far I prefer witcher. Iove it because its dark, the characters are very different and interesting and deep (Love characters like Yennefer) and it has many races like elves and humans. And i love that it has many twists and surprises and intrigues. The best thing is the journey of those characters and how they meet up in the end again, all changed etc. And the Ciri Ark is just wow. And of course, I like all that magic and fantasy.

So now I can't decide if I shall read mistborn or stormlight archive

WHats the better series and has deeper and more interesting characters? For me the most important are the characters (especially strong female characters who doesn't excist only for the guys)

Hope I get some ideas and recommendations and opinions on that :)

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Jul 13, 2021
I'd start with Mistborn. Faster paced, and the first 3 books (out of 6) make a complete trilogy. Stormlight Archive is brilliant, but /incredibly/ slow-paced- 4,500 pages in, it's just getting to the middlegame! The main lead for the early Mistborn books is a woman, Vin, who is definitely not "just for the guys." Later eras worship her as a warrior goddess. Unfortunately the rest of the cast is mostly male, though. Stormlight does a bit better in that respect, with Shallan, Jasnah and Navani all playing major roles.


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Feb 14, 2020
Beyond the points already shared above, I think you should go with Mistborn first for the very simple reason that it has been completed* and the Stormlight Archive has not (although he's started writing book 5!).

*At least, the first trilogy is.

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