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Vote for your THREE favourite stories from 2021 -- READ THE RULES BELOW FIRST!

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Vote for your three favourite stories of the year from Kraxon Magazine!

The winning author will receive £100 GBP

The following rules will apply to the Kraxon Magazine story of the year poll:

  • Members can vote for up to three stories. All three votes must be cast at the same time. Additional votes cannot be cast at a later date.
  • An author cannot vote for their own story.
  • Whilst new members to the Chronicles are always welcome, votes from new members who register only to vote will be excluded from the final tally.
  • Votes from members who register multiple user names will be excluded.
  • Votes flagged as suspicious behaviour by the forum moderators may be excluded.
  • In the event of a tie. A second poll will take place with only those stories who tied in first place to choose from.
  • The decision to include or exclude votes will be made by Kraxon Publishing Ltd. This decision is final and will not be open to appeal.

The voting closes at 23:59 GMT on the 21st of JANUARY 2022

Please note: this is an open poll, which means that everyone will be able to see which stories you voted for

This thread is to be used for voting only. If you want to comment on the stories, do so

To read a story, click on its title in the list below

Note that the stories are listed in order of publication

They Probably Will -- Martin M. Clark

Dusk ’til Dawn -- Kerry Buchanan

Upside Downside -- Mark Huntley-James

The End of All Things -- Juliana Spink Mills

Bat Crazy -- Rosie Oliver

Cusp -- Martin M. Clark

Given Time, There Will Be Peace -- Sarah Hovorka

Shoot the White Ghost -- Joachim Heijndermans

My World -- Mark Huntley-James

The Lost Boy -- Liz Powell

Accessory -- Martin M. Clark

A Liking for Lichen -- Rosie Oliver