How did REH pronounce "Conan"?


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Aug 21, 2010
I don't read those stories lately, but I did years ago as a youngster. At that time, in my mind I pronounced "Conan" to rhyme with "Joe ran." Later, I heard the name the way I would pronounce it in "Arthur Conan Doyle," i.e. the first syllable in "Conan" rhymes with "lawn," or "con" in "con man*, and the second syllable is a schwa, like the e in "taken" or the a in "about."

I wondered, then, if anyone knows for sure how Robert E. Howard himself pronounced the name.
Co nan. That's how I would pronounce it . :unsure: It's an interesting question.:(
In actuality I’ve always pronounced it “Co-nun”. I think the second syllable is just how you describe it in your post, i.e. regards the e in taken.
Given that Howard was from central Texas - near Abeline - and lived there for his entire life, my guess would be that he pronounced his hero
"Coe - nayan". Just guessing. My grandfather was from the area.
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