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I might be alone in this, but I thought the first season of GoT was long and slow. That is not to say they were bad, but there was a lot exposition that had to be got through. So I am slowly collecting the season as I find them cheap in charity shops so I can binge-watch at some time.
I found Lost to be quite annoying. The other two are brilliant, in vastly different ways.
The Expanse, season 5 - I found it mediocre, at least compared to the previous 4 seasons. Plot-wise it didn't move the story noticeably forward.
Lost - You mean that series which plot got lost somewhere along the way, circling the island?
The Sopranos - Never watched it (and never will watch any mob based TV or film), but the critics were excellent.
GOT - excellent, with the caveat that it does contain a lot of nudity and violence.
I enjoyed Season 5 of the Expanse, Dave.

If you've seen the previous 4 series, then you've got to finish it.
Thinking about purchasing WEIRD SCIENCE, and The Manchurian Candidate, 1962.
Been thinking of watching Wheel of Time but not sure if I want to join prime just for that. Maybe that plus Westworld would make it worth it. Also LOTR series about Numenor coming. How about that!
Thinking about purchasing WEIRD SCIENCE, and The Manchurian Candidate, 1962.
If it is Weird Science the film [only recently found out there was a TV series as well], then it is funny enough, like most John Hughes films.
It is interesting to see Robert Downey Jr and Bill Paxton in early roles.
That said, I watched it a few months ago and was surprised by how dated it felt. It was made in the 80s and some of the attitudes in the film have moved on since then.
I'm watching the gritty spy story Slow Horses. It is not my kind of spy story (I'm rather partial to James Bond style), but having watched 3 episodes of this story I find it oddly compelling. It's set in England with a branch of MI5 rejects who are kept on the payroll, but are assigned to doing meaningless tasks. The dispirited groups of wannabe spies, are largely very flawed individuals. The kind you'd expect to meet in a lower class bar.
--- But could it be that a real case has fallen into their laps? What are they going to do about it?
Continuing to watch Slow Horses. I can't help feeling that this is the way spy work really is. Not like the James Bond stories I love so much.
I got stuck in to Wycliffe last week on BritBox. 5 seasons (1993 - 1997), that hold up surprising well, dated technology notwithstanding.
OT:Can't remember TV show title Swedish female Blonde Detective she has two daughters.?

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