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This past weekend I watched Amazon Prime stuff. I found an older police procedural series with Jean Reno called Jo, and caught up with season 4 of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel . It is much better than season 3, which lagged a bit for me, but in general it is one of the few American comedy shows that I find funny, and I love the 50's vibe (dialogue, costumes and sets).
Just this. But right now we are all winners if you can afford to buy streaming services.

Suspicion has lived up to it's hype for me. I am now 4? episodes in and this is one taunt thriller. It has wheels within wheels. You suspect and slowly learn that there is more to each person and their story than what meets the eye. Each episode there is another piece revealed and it almost always blows all my neat little framework to smithereens.

I have not enjoyed a TV comedy since Home Improvement. But that may be changing. I've watched the first two installments of Ted Lasso and I am loving the good hearted dufus who loves with all his heart and wants to be a good guy, dealing with the blasé urban professionals who seem to think that anything "good" is a cover for what is "really" happening. I'm hoping that this develops the way I suspicion it will.
Yes, Parson, yes. Finally, someone has found the only current tv comedy that is also, you know, funny. It continues at the same quality in season two. Great show.
There is so much content now, I find i struggle to settle and watch something. I'm also bored to death now with TV and film.

I've found that there are many older TV shows that i should watch such as the Sopranos or Breaking Bad but i find the prospects of 5 series of 22 episodes each a bit daunting.
They are both great shows, Rodders, especially Breaking Bad. It starts off a little slow but if you hang in with it you'll be rewarded with seven seasons of the best, contemporary, tv that you've ever seen.
Finished watching Suspicion on Apple+. This was a taught mystery thriller. Each episode revealed an important clue to the plot. But at least for me usually ruined my original view of what was going on. I felt the characters were all believable and well acted. I thought Noah Emmerich as Scott Anderson did a wonderful job of playing a cop that just rubbed people the wrong way all of the time. The big reveal at the end was logical and a bit of a surprise to me. But it did feel a little "trendy." Recommended

Strong 4 stars. (A more satisfying ending would have moved this up for me.)

I felt that the motivation for the crime is all tied up in current trends rather than classical motivations which doesn't feel quite as true to life to me as it should. And with perhaps the exception of the police who are not that critical to end, there are no good guys, which always makes me sad.
I wouldn't mind some Twilight Zone. Where are you streaming that, Dave?
I am thinking about getting into these TV Shows;LOST,THE SOPRANOS,& GAME OF THRONES. Are they worth watching?

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