TV,DVD,Streaming, 2022?

Dave Vicks

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Sep 19, 2020
Currently CREEPSHOW season 2.STAR TREK:DISCOVERY Season 3 & MOTIVE Season 4.

Looking forward to ;FRINGE Season 3,SCHITTS CREEK season 2.The Expanse Season 4.

A couple of months away; THE ORVILLE SEASON 3 & BETTER CALL SAUL SEASON 6.

All on DVD or Streaming.
I just finished something called Aliens with Michaela Coela which I thought was a comedy. It was quite funny, but pretty dark in places. i enjoyed it.

Currently watching the live action Cowboy Bebop, which I am enjoying a lot. (I have yet to see the original anime though.)
A local store is selling some of it's Blu-ray at really low prices [so probably selling off last of their stock]. I splurged and bought the live action versions/remakes of Aladdin and Mulan.
Aladdin was a bit of a miss but I quite liked Mulan.
Season 6 of the Expanse has started streaming on Amazon, but i'll wait for them all to be available and binge them in a day.

Cowboy Bebop was extremely enjoyable and i hope there is a second series.

Now on to Colony. Six episodes in and i'm finding it a little slow.
4 Lives
Probably the best BBC drama I have seen in years.
Based on real events, it is a tense, emotional and very moving story about the deaths of four young men and the pursuit of justice.
And while all the cast were good, Sheridan Smith and Stephen Merchant were exceptional.
Merchant especially for giving his character depth and believability.
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Finished a rewatch of the 1996 BBC drama Our Friends in the North. This largely made the names of its four stars (Christopher Ecclestone, Daniel Craig, Gina McKee, Mark Strong), and the acting and writing is top-notch. It spans the period between 1964 and 1991, moves between Newcastle and London, and focuses (at least at first) on political and police corruption around house-building and the vice squad, based on real events. It scores 8.7 on imdb. I've no idea why the BBC has never repeated it on their main channels, but it's available on Britbox.
On TV we've got The Great Pottery Throw Down, which I love - the bloke cries all the time. And The Dog House which is about rehoming dogs (and people's reasons for giving up their dogs makes me furious half the time). There's Junior Bake Off starting on Monday which I love more than adult Bake Off because it's hilarious.

On Netflix I'm watching Cobra Kai series 4. Got the latest series of Titans to watch at some point, and series 3 of After Life starts on the 14th.
Could not get MOTIVE Season 3. Watching MOTIVE Season 4. STAR TREK:DISCOVERY SEASON 3,the writing got better.
And THE OUTER LIMITS, original.
I’ve just started watching some Nordic Noir in the form of Sebastian Bergman.
Intriguing so far.

Like @Mouse, I’m a fan of Junior Bake Off and will most definitely be watching that tonight. The last series had some brilliant interaction between the kids and Harry Hill. Hopefully more of the same:)
Felt crap yesterday so binge watched all 6 episodes of the BBC series The Outlaws.
A bit uneven in parts but a lot of fun. Grim and gritty enough to give tension but there was usually a joke, at Greg's [Stephen Merchants characters] expense, coming along soon. The interplay between Darren Boyd's John and Clare Perkin's Myma was a delight!
And I enjoyed Eleanor Tomlinson's Lady Gabby.
It was a near perfect one-shot show.
The ending felt a bit tacked on for the setup for season 2 as it had been ordered and may be filming already.
So I wonder if there is a "no season 2" ending out there?
But what I really I loved was the last few moments when Frank [Christopher Walked] REALLY painted over a Banksy Rat! [with Banksy' permission]

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