DISCUSSION THREAD -- JANUARY 2022 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge

I'm really looking forward to the podcasts, Dan and Chris! It was fun/interesting recording my December story (and hearing my recorded voice, which I hadn't done in ages), and I hope folks enjoy the reading. Though it is about 46 seconds of melancholy (well, you all read it during the voting;)). (I recorded the story, BTW, on my laptop with just a voice recorder app, so any future winner should have no problems doing the same!)

Honestly, this is an added and exciting incentive to try and win another Challenge. I hope the 2022 Challenge winners will all record their stories, too, CC

edit to add my thanks to Victoria Silverwolf for the review.

eidt 2 to thank WSDuffy for the nice comment.
Bowler1 jogs by in a sweaty gym kit looking like he is paying in spades for his indulgent Christmas.

Pitchforks anyone... and don't think of this as joining a mindless mob, but as a New Years excerise class with an end point mission. So....

Get yer pitchforks here... pitchforks, get 'em while there still sharp and pointy.
I thought I was going a little left field with my entry this month only to find Starbeast has already taken that spot, and SB is welcome to the the spot, I don't think I can compete. I won't ever pull on a loose thread again.

As ever, I'm free for any mindless mob activity and fully stocked with all the nick knacks needed, including good footwear. Always look after your feet, especially when on the run. Chasing or chased, a blister is no laughing matter, especially if you're the chased.
@cyprus7 .... Your World Zoo .... Cy 7 writes us a tale about what happens when the inmates of a zoo come to run it.

@Ian Fortytwo .... The Lost Suitcase .... Life is miserable when you get a text ending your relationship, before it ever began.
@M. Robert Gibson .... Kajar and the Six Degrees of Separation .... As the Bible says: "Be sure your sin will find you out." even if you think you're protected six ways from Sunday.
@DF17 .... Labor Pains .... Any labor is filled with what passes for pain, but the results of the labor are precious to the max.

@johnnyjet .... The Winter of Our Disconnect .... In the winter some connections are more frustrating than fruitful and a disconnect doesn't sound that bad at all.
@chrispenycate .... Ecolytes .... Sometimes the human connection to the environment is very, very, malevolent.

@Perky .... A Light in Space .... Sometimes the connection to the mother ship is too strong to be avoided.