3 book series, post major nuclear event, North America, pilot crashes among a native people surviving overground.

Blaise barron

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Dec 19, 2021
Key plot - based in North America , over ground North American style people survive with strange body markings, a pilot crashes among them, young man, taken captive , from the underground militaristic society post a major nuclear event that blighted the world. The plot revolves around the relationship between the pilot, a girl and a boy from the tribe and how the two societies are at war with each other.
About 3 books in the series.
From the 90s, the contrast between the high tech over crowded underground and the open skies more native society..

Great series, with some really interesting ideas.

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The one element that really sticks in my head was the Kojak braves, so called because they all shave their heads - what a trivial detail to always remember!

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