The Stupidest, Silliest , Worst Most Inane Aliens , Monsters and Creatures of all time.


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Jun 29, 2014
What are you choices from Movies, tv shows, computer games, novels, graphics Novels and comics ? :)
It’s difficult to beat Robot Monster
At the time I thought this guy must have really wanted to break into show business very badly indeed. That rubber suit had to be hot. Poor guy.

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In the remastered Star Trek series , they did give the lizard man blinking eyes . But .it really didn't help. What makes it really look cheap is that the Enterprise episode In A Mirror Darkly , they had a CGI rendered Gorn.
I'm sorry if I upset Anya Kimlin and others who liked him, but the Kandyman from Sylvester McCoy's Dr Who gets my vote.
A poorly made Bertie Bassett lookalike, who just got huffy and poured liquid sugar on people.


This almost makes Robot Monster look really good.
1977 film.....straight to TV....Snow Beast. "It's half-human, it's's a cold-blooded killer"
This reminds me of a tagline I once saw for a movie: if your skin doesn’t crawl then it’s on too tight:)

Can’t remember the movie but the tagline stuck with me all these years.