(Found) Double test


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Oct 17, 2020
Short story or short novelette.
Fifties or Sixties.
Alien in First Contact is hideous...like a flayed man. With a human and a donkey. It turns out the alien is a "puppet" (even named after some puppet) and that it was made to look so bad to see if humans would react xenophobically to such a species, as a test of our suitability for galactic society. The operator of the puppet actually looks almost human. We pass this test, and the alien puppet says there is second test being given now. Earth representative says he is at least glad the Master Race of the galaxy is human. Human with the alien turns out to be a puppet as well and the donkey asks "What is a Master Race?"
Thanks royheil for the answer.
And thanks Victoria Silverwolf for the link.

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