Future dystopian weird graphic novel mind-bender

Jack Travers

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Dec 10, 2021
Hello there, I am trying to find a graphic novel I read when younger.
From what I remember the beginning revolved around a bald guy in a dystopian future, whom I remember had a handgun that could force people to defecate. Later the story revolved around a black female character who uncovered, matrix style, the source of the simulation their world was really in. In this dystopian future there were human zoos containing ancient people from extinct cultures in glass pyramids. I remembered it written by Frank Miller however I think that might be a false memory due to google suggesting the book I was looking for was RONIN.

Been searching a while, much appreciated if any leads.


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Aug 8, 2012
Yes, you're merging two books (common occurance in these book searches :) ).

The first is certainly Transmetropolitan by Grant Morrison - a completely mad (but great) book.

The second (with the glass pyramids) I don't know.