Doctor Who (39) 13:05 The Flux (part 5): Survivors of the Flux.

Orphan 55 is the only modern Who episode I haven't watched. A big Doctor Who fan told me it was the worst episode they'd seen, and I trusted their opinion!

"Wokery" isn't a term I like - it's just one I see used from folk who are critical, and a lot of times people who're just jumping on bandwagons and don't really know what they're talking about.
Can we stop using "woke", "wokery" and similar terms please - complain about a show having an unwanted agenda by all means, but let's not bring in derogatory and discriminatory social political language into the forums, please.
I haven't seen much original Who, but wasn't that positive messaging and even 'wokery' a part of it? Of course much more subtle and perhaps not as frequently as it has been in the past 2-3 series. The voice for wokery in relation to film and television is rather OTT these days, which has led to more highlighting of Doctor Who and some of it's storylines. Personally, I think a couple of episodes singled out for criticism for wokery have been two of the best of Jodie Whittaker's era (Rosa and Demons of the Punjab).
Original Who was definitely *that word beginning with W that is now banned from this forum*. The Daleks were literally envisaged as space-Nazis. They even did the salute with their plungers on several occasions. It had its environmental episodes like the Green Death, there was an episode that railed against petting zoos, and another that was about the evils of eating meat. McCoy went up against two villains who could be described as Space Thatcher, and let's not forget the story where Sarah changed the power structure of an alien planet by sitting down and discussing feminism with its queen.

The big difference between original Who and what's presented today is subtlety. You're not really watching an environmental story, you're watching the Doctor face up against an evil computer that's making giant maggots. The veganism story looks like a run-around with the Sontarans if you're not paying too much attention to Shockeye, and the daleks... Actually, forget that one. There was nothing subtle about the daleks :D

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