It’s The Miscast The Actor Movie Thread

It's not exactly casting, but I've long thought that Brian Blessed and George Takai should form a super-team where they fight evil by telling it off.
Vin Diesel as Bob Cratchet

Bob Cratchet : " The way I see it Mr Scrooge, you have two choices. Either you give me a substantial pay raise or ill rip your scrawny malnourished arms off and beat you with them. Oh and, I really do insist that you use more coal for the fire, or else . " :)
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David Lee Roth as Dr Dolittle Plays the song If I could Talk to the animals by Van Halen. :D
This one is going to be painful to think about so beware:

Conan the Barbarian


Tiny Tim

Im picturing Conan amed with a deadly Hyborian ukulele .:D
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