The Future Makers, ed. by Peter Haining


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Dec 8, 2007
Somewhere near Jupiter
This is a collection of early stories by now established authors, and I found it quite fun. The book was originally published in the 60s, mine is a later reprint.

Dimensional Demonstrator by Murray Leinster.
This was an odd take on time travel, in which a man struggling financially is the benefactor of his dead uncle's time machine. But he uses it to replicate things, including money. Oh and there's a kangaroo called Arthur. Soon there are 6 of them. Weird, I've had dreams like this...from the man who gave us The Time Tunnel TV series."
The Weapon Too Dreadful to Use by Isaac Asimov.
This early story, written when he was 17, is his second published story (this anthology incorrectly credits it as his first), and is concerned with an uneasy agreement between Earth and Venus, the natives of which are green with large eyes. Not bad at all.
Abreaction by Theodore Sturgeon. A bulldozer operator has a strange experience while laying gravel. The story is set in the world of Killdozer! A weird one.
The Piper by Ray Bradbury. A lone martian struggles against invaders from Jupiter. It made me think the makers of The Walking Dead could have taken inspiration from it, how the walkers are drawn by sound... Possibly my favourite story here.
Columbus was a Dope by Robert Heinlein A very short story by the grand master about space travel on a generation ship.
Castaway by Arthur C. Clarke. An entity crash lands and is very much a fish out of water. To come across an unread Clarke story is rare, but according to Haining this book marks its first appearance, and that makes this book a keeper!
The Hour of Battle by Robert Sheckley. A group of soldiers prepare for an invasion by telepathic aliens. A new author for me.
Equator by Brian Aldiss. This story by Aldiss is about an uneasy deal between Earth and possible invaders from a planet orbiting Tau Ceti. Called Rosks these aliens want to live on Earth but settle on the moon. The protagonist of the story spends him time in Sumatra which is also a Roskian settlement.
This 'story' is novella length and takes up almost half the book, and is quite an exciting read.
Overall a pretty decent little collection.

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