Starswarm by Brian Aldiss (1964)


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Dec 8, 2007
Somewhere near Jupiter
Starswarm is a story of the fate of future mankind, who has left Earth for space, their descendants now living within the Starswarm. Starswarm is divided into Sectors (Sector Vermilion, Sector Green etc.) and each of these forms a connecting Prologue, in italics, to each story, to make the whole seem as a novel. Its rather like a Fix-up, an old practice of compiling a novel from stories.

If you have his collections The Saliva Trees and other Stories, Airs of Earth and Who Can Replace a Man? then you will already have 3 of the stories herein.
Overall the stories are quite good, only one (Shards) being too weird and disjointed to make sense, though later in the 'story' that disjoint is explained,sort of. (Incidentally the cover of Airs of Earth, featuring a young girl running, is taken from one of the stories in this book, (Oh Moon of my Delight))

I really liked The Legends of Smith's Burst (Sector Yellow), it reads like a Larry Niven or Alan Dean Foster adventure story, the protagonist having a destiny to work towards, encountering many strange beings and obstacles on the way

A keeper!

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