New Mutant Powers


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Oct 16, 2021
hey everyone :)

how are you all :)

First of all I think I have set this up in the right area this time yay :) but The Judge can help in case thats not the case haha :) thank you buddie hugs :)

I used to draw 'superhero's' few years back and in more recent years from time to time I like making up my own powers and searching around to see other peoples ideas :)

Here is a few of the ones I have newly come up with in the past few weeks or so and hopefully others join in with theirs and hopefully we can talk about the powers :)

Cardiac – Shoots tiny purple stars from his eye, when they hit the target they cause heart failure is some way, likely to stop their heart nearly instantaneously, when powers are boosted Cardiac can shoot thousands of stars from his chest which can cover fast distances around the globe (like a sandstorm) targeting thousands of random people as specific targeting is extremely difficult for Cardiac if this occurs.

Scrapige ‘’scrape-peege’’ – High intelligence, can create anything out of pieces of scrap (metal ect), can create rapidly even at large scales, is able to bring pieces of scrape to life and communicate with them example giant robots or spaceships who he can control or even become friends with, craft any weapon or tool needed out of scrape even highly complex items with vast cybernetic and engineering skills required, can program A.I. systems, understand any engineering or cybernetic blue prints or pieces of equipment in any language, highly capable with all weapons and pieces of equipment whether self-created or not.

Possibly Omega Level Mutant.

Carman Clovers – Can grow any type of flower in any climate, can control and talk to flowers, make them grow far beyond their natural capabilities, make them pollinate rapidly, use them in various ways such as using poisonous and spiky flowers and plants for offensive purposes, reaching/climbing areas and use in natural medicine.

Here's one I thought of today which I think is really cool :)

Glabella (Gabby Bella for short) Able to break bones from a distance without physical contact or through inflicting external damage to target.

The Glabella is the area of skin above the nose (between the eyebrows) and is also a bone between your nose and eyebrows :)

Regards - Declan Sargent

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