Those of you that operate blogs/personal websites, share your knowledge.

I am on WordPress. I assume it's very similar to Blogspot as each will host your website/blog.
I'm on too.
I would recommend If, at some time in the future, you ever get your own website then you can install wordpress on it and download your stuff from and upload to your own site

Blogspot is owned by Google and all the baggage that goes with it

Here's a (probably biased) comparison

and another

All that said I have a problem with the direction wordpress is going. It's heading to all blocks, and I much prefer the classic wordpress, but then I am a web developer and like having micro-control over everything. But it's still preferable to being tied into Google
I use mailchimp. It's free up to 2000 subscribers.
I'm thinking of starting a literature blog and am totally new to this. Any tips and recommendations to offer? What's the verdict on WordPress vs Blogspot? What hosting company do you recommend for people who know 0 about doing this sort of thing?

In my experience and professional opinion, the answer to your question is "WordPress on Bluehost".