11.07: The Walking Dead - Promises Broken


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Aug 21, 2007

Maggie and Elijah learn a new survival tactic from Negan. Eugene's group clears walkers to pay their fines. Yumiko interviews for an upper-class job. Daryl learns more about Leah and the Reapers. Gabriel encounters a man of God.
Negan is starting to look like a proper old man. He is even behaving as if he's one, with no one ever listening to him, because everyone's busy with their own agenda. Poor man.

It's kind of funny, because if you take a group of ladies and leave them be, they'll organise themselves on their own. But with men, they need a leader and if that leader, in this case Maggie, is effed it causes troubles with the trust. Women are fine as long as they are fine, and if some disturbs the peace, shame on them.

This whole situation between Maggie and Negan is serious feather ruffling, and Maggie continue being stubborn. Almost matrimonially stupid. She thinks because she has been chosen as the party leader that she doesn't have taken an advice, even though the Reapers almost caught them.

I fully stood behind Negan telling Maggie that whole run was too much and they needed to take what they'd gained. Sometimes the challenge is too much and it's easier to find a new thing instead of banging the head against the same tree, time and again.

As an interesting note, I also felt that they were hunger on each other, when Negan offered his hand. I was fully expecting them start slobbering each other, with pastor trying to hide his gaze.

Why is there sexual tension between those two?


"Wait, you think we can find me?" Maggie asked. Hold on young lady, a zombie bomb? A tactic from the Whisperer and the Governor's play book. Tried and tested tactic on causing trouble with the survivors. "Lady." Rubs his hands together with an eager look in his eyes. "Now we are cooking!"

It surprised me that they wasted a perfect good robe to tie a zombie to a tree, and then found a time to do a proper funeral for a Maggie's friend, including reading the rites, while in the tunnels everyone could go to hell. No questions asked.

Maggie's whole act is full of controversies and she's not showing the leadership that's needed. Including putting on the Whisperer mask and learning how to walk like a zombie. Negan is doing the right thing, by teaching the ways of the Dead and having a talk about Maggie's qualities.

All he was showing is redemption, that he's on a good path.


Eugene, the zombie slayer. I never thought I'd see the day when Dr Evil would turn out to be a slayer machine. With no protection, just eager determination of a chance of getting that sweet pie can truly change a man.

In the comics we get to see him spying on people having fun in Alexandria, and him feeling real hots for Rosita. So I'm glad that he's happy for now, inside the fence. I also loved that their punishment for breaking the law was a zombie cleaning detail. It's their daily activity. Nothing too demanding.

All while Yumiko handed the high class recruiter his *ss back, with a respect. It might not have been her recent daily activity to play the political cards, but she's not a green on going back into the Old World mode.

I have no idea where she got the make up or even her business suit, but it all fit on her like a glove. Even defending her brother and yelling, but doing nothing was all so lawyer-y. In her shoes I would have gone ballistic.

More so then what she showing at Hornsby. She listened to him, but she never asked for the details. Instead Yuko accepted his ask like nothing. Is she a real lawyer?


A smoke? How long has it been since the last one. I was kind of surprised that he weren't coughing his lungs out after a pull. And I really appreciated that he turned into the mole role so easily, trying to make friends and gathering more intel on their strengths.

It is a role that we don't often see anywhere, not even in the literature, because in the books and plays, we usually get it from the mole hunters perspective after the leak has already happened. But our boy is essentially undercover and in the role, while Pope's madness is becoming clearer by the minute.

He is crazy, but he also believed in Frost story. Tortured men will tell you anything you want to hear, just ask, they'll confirm it. Anything at all. But Shaw defended him, telling Daryl that their community is just like Alexandria. It's just in their case, Pope didn't do Rick's and got captured by the helicopter people.

I'm not even sure he knows that the helicopter people exists. In fact, the evidence is in the episode. The information about certain groups doesn't travel far, or even be in the knowledge of the survivors. The man they caught knew nothing about nothing. He was totally clueless about anything at all.


"What was that all about?"

Hello mister, you just won the contest for the biggest d*ck in the universe, hands down. Who the hell cares about your moment, when they just saved your life. What is the point on being pompous idiot?

I loved when Eugene smacked his face and in the hindsight, he should have let the Dead do their business with the couple, governor's son or not. Besides the point, how the hell he was supposed to know that the Commonwealth was a tyranny?
I actually watched the 3 hours yesterday night. Gave WORLD BEYOND another try, then TWD, followed by TD.

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Eugene killing zombies? And looking competent with it, then that beautiful punch. Hang on is the Commonwealth making clones ? Hard to believe that's our snivelling, bag of nerves Dr Death.
He did revert back to form in the end.
I really don't trust the Commonwealth, creepy leaders.

I sort of get pope, even alpha, Negan and the governor, i may not like them but they're protecting their people, resources are low, look after their own, dog eat dog, kill or be killed. A better option would be separate communities, each with their own strengths and crops. Build up a rapport and barter with each other.
The Commonwealth I don't get their agenda, are they looking to wipe out other settlements? Or assimilate them?
Eugene killing zombies?

Indeed, we have come a long, long way from the days when he was scared about them. It's interesting what a woman's influence can do to a man. Even as complicated as him.

Hang on is the Commonwealth making clones ?

No, they just like the stormtrooper armour design. It's effective by looks of it, but for them lot doing nothing on clearing houses, that's unacceptable. Why should they get scot free?

I really don't trust the Commonwealth, creepy leaders.

There's more than one? I thought they were all licking madam governor's behind.

I sort of get pope, even alpha, Negan and the governor, i may not like them but they're protecting their people, resources are low, look after their own, dog eat dog, kill or be killed. A better option would be separate communities, each with their own strengths and crops. Build up a rapport and barter with each other.

Yep, that is exactly what they should do, but what they never are willing to show, because it would lessen tension. They are riding on that tensile emotion in every episode, because if they did, the show would become more like a Little House in Prairie. It wouldn't be a horror show.

Can you imagine if they had fields reserved for the Dead and they would actively shepherd them? Not talking about active scavenging, fixing, bartering, and evolving the communities, essentially moving away from the feudal states to more modernised concept.

They have over ten years on the clock and it doesn't really show, as the situation is a dire as they've made it to be. All the prepping and preservation went away when the Whisperers arrived in the Rickland. It is going to be interesting if Maggie actually shows up a reason, and there is an actually storage of "much needed" supplies for them to continue "the fight."

More intriguing plot would be taking the Dead and using them against Pope's people.

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