DISCUSSION THREAD -- October 2021 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge

Interesting theme / genre @Victoria Silverwolf. Thanks.

I've been thinking about this for a couple of days, trying to fit a ghost story into the Science Fiction, Fantasy or Speculative Fiction context when it suddenly occurred to me that any ghost story is Speculative Fiction by default. :smack on the head smilie:
@nixie .... Be patient, it may be you .... In time we all become ghostly reflections of the past.

@Bren G .... Doomed to Repeat .... And so in the end the past is the past, the present is the present, and the future is the future. No changes made.

@BT Jones .... Dignity .... Dignity can only be bestowed on the living.

@Daysman .... IN THE WEEDS .... A ghost speaks for the memories.

@mosaix .... It Was a Dark and Stormy Night at the White House .... The ghost speaks and death follows.
@bedyak .... Best Friends .... A message from beyond can make you want to stop.
(Is bed-yak the same thing as pillow talk?)

@AnRoinnUltra .... Just so ya know .... In life and in death, grumpy is just plain grumpy.
@Astro Pen .... Glimpse .... If you are blessed you may get a moment when life all finds its place.
Some really good entries coming in. The reality of my suspension is kicking in now I'm reading the other entries without being able to add to them!

However, I am working on a 300-worder for this month that is so magnificent that it may result in a lifetime ban for being too good, so not all is yet lost... ;)
Thanks Victoria and Parson for the review.

Congratulations for last months resounding slaughter Victoria. As soon as I read it, I believed I was likely looking at the winner - certainly in my time with the 75's its last line is right up there with the best I have experienced.

I ultimately voted for The Judge because of her different interpretation of rules compared to the vast majority and the topical satire of her entry.
Thanks CC. As always I am somewhat in awe of the competition.
you and me both, being awed by the competition! It can be just an overwhelming amount of talent on display. Lol I actually don't read them until I do my own anymore, otherwise, I read some of the stories and I think: well they said it best, that can't be improved, far better, more eloquent than my idea!
@Luiglin .... Finale .... It's a sweet thing when good friends take their final ride in The Mystery Machine.