The coherence of The Expanse: tracking call-backs and continuity


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Sep 23, 2021
Hi, I've found the world-building in this show impressive and as the seasons have gone by I've realized that there are plenty of callbacks to previous episodes peppered throughout. It helped a lot that the book series was more advanced than the TV series, so they have been planting many seeds in early episodes to events or character backgrounds that will only become important later. If you're into that kind of thing, it increases your enjoyment of the series quite a bit.

So I've been rewatching the show and I have found it more rewarding than expected. I'm writing along reviews focusing on those aspects of plot, continuity, world-building -- in the style of the old Babylon 5 Lurker's Guide -- as well as finding freeze-frame details in set design or display screens. Completely non-spoiler for the episodes that come next, and I'm not a reader of the books either, so this could be a good resource for new viewers who feel a bit lost or for fans who don't have an eidetic memory!

I finished seasons 1 and 5, attacking season 2 soon.

For example (spoilers to season 5):

- in 103, when they are questioned by the Martians, there's an image of Naomi's file, which includes mention of Cyn, Marco Inaros, Karal, all of whom we meet in season 5.

- in 104, Avasarala looks at the night sky and says "I worry about people who throw rocks", which is what happens with Marco.

- Uncle Mateo's curse against Inners in 106 is also foreshadowing: "the hail of stones that will one day come crashing down through their precious blue skies"

- Mateo is fleetingly acknowledged in a display screen in 507, about what we learn in 510 is a rain of asteroids on Inner ships!

- Mateo breathes out, opens his suit in outer space, and doesn't instantaneously die; I see this as foreshadowing via world-building for Naomi's jump without a suit in 507.

- Naomi asks for a future favour to Fred Johnson in 106, she calls up on that favour in 501 (to find Filip).

- We first see the suit to the Razorback in 102, long before we see the ship itself and see characters wearing it in 301.

- Amos mentions "the churn" and a crime boss in Baltimore in 107, which will become the basis for the flashback episode 502.

- etc, etc.
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