(Found) Green Fly Insect Sitting on Throne Classic Image, Book?

You can find the Star Rover via project Gutenberg online .:)

Of further interest.

Kothar The Barbarian series by Francis Garden Fox . 6 volumes It takes place in far future on different planet , Science has gone away and magic has returned. Francis Gardner Fox wrote fantasy store and he also wrote for the comic books. He was one the co creators of the DC Character Dr Fate . he basal contributor to Warren Magazines Eerie and Creepy illustrated Horror , fantasy and science magazine which were around from the 1960's to about hotel 1980's He did a Conan the Barbarian Comics

Robot Titans of Gotham by Novel Page first book in the long running Spider superhero crimfigher novel series . he was one oifthe inspiration for Batman . Page is among one the best pulp writers of all time.

The Dark World by Henry Kuttner a fantasy novel with a most unusual protagonist
Elak of Atlantis by Henry Kuttner
Black Gods Kiss by C L Moore contain all of her wonderful Jirel of Jory Stories
Northwest of Earth by C L Moore her classic pulp space hero Northwest Smith
John Erik Stark of Mars by Leigh Brackett
GingerStar by Leigh Brackett she contributed to the scree play for the The Empire Strikes Back
Darker then You Think
by Jack Williamson his calls werewolf novel
The Humanoids by Jack Williamson one the greatest at and most chilling technology book ever written . William also wrote one the greatest end of the world short satires of all time Born of the Sun. His writing career began in 1928 and he continued to write until 2006 the year of his death. His life spanned much of the modern era of science fiction. He coined the terms Terraforming and Genetic Engineering .
Lest Darkness Fall by L Sprague De Camp is one the frost alt history ever written a 290th century man Martin Padway visiting Rome gets hit with bolt of lighting and find himself in 6th center Rome.
The Great White Space by Basil Copper one the gbest lovecratian novels ever written
Islandia by Austin Tappan Wright a novel about a land that never was but you wish existed. :cool:
Donovans Brain by Kurt Siodmak This author wrote the very first Lon Chaney Werewolf film and he even invented the werewolf lore that went with it
Death Bird Stories by Harlan Ellison
Night shade and Damnations by Gerald Kersh
The Dreaming Jewels by Theodore Sturgeon
Day of the Giants by Lester Del Rey
The Moon Pool by Abraham Merritt
The Ship of Ishtar by Abram Merritt
The Metal Monster by Abraham Merritt
The Dwellers in the Mirage by Abraham Merritt
The House oon the Borderland by William Hope Hodgson
The Lost Continent by C J Cutcliffe Hynd The very first fantasy novel dealing with Atlantis ever written
The Nightmare and other Tales of Dark Fantasy by Francis Stevens
John the Balladeer by Malley Eade Wellman
Waystation by Clifford Simak

Custer at the Alamo by Gregory Urbach In this Las histoyer novel George Armstrong Custer an his men , instead of dying at Little Bighorn in 1876 find themselves sent back in time to 1836 and the Alamo . This is a fantastic alt history novel ! :cool:

Sorry , My lists do tend to get long .:)
Oh geez. Just when I was already feeling like there's so much catching up to do! I'll do my best.