The Spider (UK Superhero)

He was in the Lion comic, when I was a boy, which then became the Lion and Eagle, when it merged with the Eagle.
I remember him as being nicer-looking than the drawing in the above article. Maybe he was better looking in full-face than in profile, or maybe he became better looking after he turned superhero.
He had no superpowers, but generally outwitted his enemies (good or bad). He had web emitting guns and would relax on a giant web like a big hammock after a successful adventure.
I don't remember any stories really. I was fairly young. And i seem to remember him flipping from hero to villain and back more than once, but I may be wrong.
The Spider was around in the sixties when I were a lad - with wonderful art by Reg Bunn! He looked like a combination of Namor and Mr.Spock in a wet suit and was a rare case of an anti-hero when most British adventure comics featured handsome square jawed chaps. The Spider was actually an arch criminal outwitting the cops with an array of nifty gadgets and vehicles. Probably has more in common with Batman than Spider-Man.
Lots of years ago I got The Spider: King of Crooks collection; it has been superseded by Rebellion's The Spider: Syndicate of Crime. It's wild to think the bulk of the series was written by Jerry Siegel, Superman's co-creator!

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