Haunting ending


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Oct 17, 2020
First this may have just been a dream.
Long novella or short book. Big buildup on how powerful and dangerous protagonist was. Protagonist saves Humanity.
At end he is put into suspended animation and the doctor says “Pray that you never awaken, for that would mean Mankind faces a peril so grave only you can save it”.
The last chapter consisted of the two words
[NAME] woke.
NONE of my comments here solve TomM's search...

Like the movie The Blob-- "THE END ?"

I am reminded of "With Friends Like These" by Alan Dean Foster. A Terra Uber Alles story-- but it's all of mankind vs a single man.

Also an episode of Babylon 5. Jack the Ripper appears as an inquisitor. Jack was sent by the Vorlons. At the end, he says he's put to sleep until the Vorlons need him again...
Sounds a little like Ironman. Not the Marvel comic, but the song by Black Sabbath. Except that he does wake up, and HE is the grave peril.

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