(Found) Mind is completely blank on this


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Sep 11, 2021
Hello, all.
I have been looking to rediscover a series that I liked from a few years ago, and for the life of me, I can't remember the name of it, or the author.

The story takes place in a literally divided world, the seas are so rough that boats are only used for costal work, and no one dares to cross the sea.
Once a generation (if I'm remembering right), the sea has an incredibly low and incredibly long-lasting low tide period. Some user of magic (or Gnosis, as they call it) made a land bridge a long time ago, and this low tide exposes it to be used.
The Western continent (with Medieval European influence in it's creation) usually sends crusades to the Eastern continent (with Middle Eastern influence in it's creation) during this time.

Throughout the story, we follow a long list of different characters throughout their own story. A student from an academy, the daughter of a relatively poor family who ends up married to the most powerful user of gnosis in the world, and a no-nonsense bodyguard woman from the West who is very comfortable with the customs and practices of the East. (those are the characters I remember, at least).