Submissions Call Round-up

Two opportunities here from an indie and.... they're HORROR!!!!! :D

Not that fussed about the May call (Western Splatterpunk) but in June they have a sea horror prompt (of Deadly Women).

They pay for drabbles and seeing as so many writers here take part in the 75 and 100s, I thought it might be worth a pitch.
Thanks @Phyrebrat -just for anyone else learning a new word (apologies for stating the obvious to most) ...A drabble is a short work of fiction of precisely one hundred words in length, or so says the information superhighway. Splatterpunk: hyperintensive horror with no limits!
June it is so;)
I see.
I'll try to dissolve some saccharine in the inkwell. But I'm not sure I'll be able to swallow it.
Gollancz accepting unagented novels in SFF for one month!!!
I sent my latest to the Berkley one in December... Still no answer, though the open call promised a reply either way!
I have until June to write a synopsis for The Pegge and the Pendrel — never done one before so I’m dreading this. Will you sub to Gollancz?
How the heck do you write a synopsis? Like does anyone have examples....Please
How the heck do you write a synopsis?
Don't think of it as a blurb (catchy etc). Think of it as an outline, a business proposal. The aim is to condense all your key plot points into a page (or two, depending on sub guidelines). That means ending, too. The publisher (or agent) wants to know that you have a plan that follows through; that you have a beginning, middle, and end and can deliver a fully-developed story.

The trick, I've found is to write it out, no matter how long, and then cut, cut, cut until you really do have just the key points.

And yes, they're horrible.

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