Submissions Call Round-up

Cheers, Phyre! I've just bookmarked that page.
Sorry for the late notice, just spotted this. Ya get three days to send in a chapter. Not sure what the story is with submissions windows ('we only accept stuff during the vernal equinox!') -I suppose if everyone has a story to tell then ya gotta trim down the 7.9 billion odd total somehow.

Anyways your mission, if you choose to accept it, is in the link below:
Book Submissions - Tin House
There's a publisher called Gurt Dog Press?! Amazing. Just checked their 'about us' as figured they had to be from Somerset with that name but nope, they're Swedish! I wondered what 'gurt' meant in Swedish but just seen at the bottom of the page they've just taken the name from Somerset. Love it. Might have to sub just for that.
The British Science Fiction Association fiction anthology "Fission" #2 is open for submissions.


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